Monthly Leaderboard

So we are now two thirds of the way into this rolling competition, and as promised, here is the leaderboard for the Filtered Thinker with the most points from their posts, to date:

User Total Points
Samson 2242 (12 from referral)
mayjovey 645 (105 from referral)
Aezolase 640 (130 from referral)
chibaby 590
Adebulu 540
Senroso 520
Chinasa 490
JanetColette 410
Femi Onileagbon 402 (2 from referral)
Volani E 150
MenaB 130
Uballet 100
talklessthinkmore 70
Blacknizer 60

So Samson is ahead, but Chijann is not far behind, thanks in part to his performance in the recently concluded Filtered Thoughts debates.

A reminder – you can boost your points with additional referrer points simply by encouraging others to not just join, but also to make the kind of posts that are likely to get points. For every 100 points that your referral gets, you’ll get 25 points. This has helped Aezolase and Mayjovey improve their positions.


Here’s the leaderboard for threads started with the most points, and also with at least five thoughtful posts:

Samson 2680
Adebulu 810
chibaby 500
Senroso 280
Femi Onileagbon 240
Volani E 240
MenaB 220
mayjovey 190
JanetColette 150
talklessthinkmore 140
Aezolase 100
witoz 70
Chinasa 60
chidimmalulu 40

Again, Samson leads, and Chijann follows. We shall see how things turn out in a month from now, at the competition’s end.

That’s all for now, but keep posting, and keep your thoughts filtered.