Inaugural Filtered Thoughts Competition

Show your smarts, and be one of the winners of over half a million naira!

Do you think you’re smart, knowledgeable and full of interesting insights about the world? Do you wish to engage in stimulating conversation with others like you – and win prizes for doing so in the bargain?, a site that aims to be the premier destination for thoughts and ideas that matter, is launching soon with a competition to let you showcase the best that your mind has to offer.


The rules are simple:

1. Register at
2. Either:

i. Start a thread on an interesting topic that you think people will make interesting posts on, or

ii. Look for a thread that you think is interesting, and make an interesting post on that thread.

You can start as many threads or make as many posts as you like.


Your contributions will be judged by a panel who will give any interesting, largely original post from 10 to 30 points, based on the following criteria:

1. Is it informative? Does it say about the world people did not already know, and is this thing worth knowing for the future (especially because it makes a difference in people’s lives)?

2. Is it insightful? Does it provides a new way of looking at facts that people might not have previously considered, but that helps them understand the world better?

3. Is it interesting? Does it tell people something that they might already know, but tell them in a way that captures their attention (e.g. because it uses an imaginative way to tell it to them)?

4. Is it witty? Does it make people smile without resorting to gratuitous personal or group insults?


The judges will also remove points for posts that:

1. are off-topic;
2. spam advertising;
3. are personal insults;
4. gratuitously incite ethnic or religious hatred.


The competition will start on 31 January 2018 and will run for six weeks. (EDIT: Due to a technical issue that occurred during the competition, the end of the competition has been extended by a week so that it will now end on 21 March 2018.) At the end, all the points for each person’s posts will be added up, persons with over 2oo points will be selected, and the following prizes will be awarded to the persons with the highest, second highest and third highest points of those selected:

1st prize: 200,000 naira, and the title of Leading Filtered Thinker;
2nd prize: 100,000 naira
3rd prize: 75,000 naira

The persons with the fourth to tenth most points will get 10,000 naira each.


What if you’re more interested in starting and keeping interesting conversations going? Well, there will also be prizes for the starters of threads with the most, second most and third most points:

1st prize: 75,000 naira
2nd prize: 50,000 naira
3rd prize: 25,000 naira


If you have any questions, head over to the Contact Us page where we will be glad to answer you.

So help us launch this site with your most imaginative and thoughtful contributions. Get writing, get people discussing, and get winning!