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  • in reply to: WHERE ARE YOU #11508

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    I’ve missed this forum too…


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  • in reply to: Don't be Kalinic #11469

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    I was surprise when I heard that..

    Like how on earth will a player do that.

    I believe he must have learnt his lessons, though he learnt it the hard way.

    Pride forth before a fall.

    God opposes the Proud but gives grace to the humble (The Holy Bible)

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  • in reply to: Asskissing Vs. Genuine Respect #11461

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    @samson of Asskissing is not a virtue and will never be.

    The thing is..

    Respect is not a lie.

    Respect don’t come with struggle..

    You don’t force it, it can only be earned.

    When I see people Asslicking or Asskissing as the case may be,  I just laugh because, deceit has not gotten anyone Respect.

    Asskissing is also temporary..

    With the passage of time it will wither..

    Respect should be earned.

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  • in reply to: NO WAHALA #11455

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    @chijann this is hilarious, really…

    Like we all have different reactions to different situations.

    We have Pessimistic people, Optimistic people, realists, surrealists, etc.


    A person who is going through a lot and who decides to tell you “No wahala” when they are been asked “How far” should not be judged really.

    I’m like that.

    OK, sometime ago I was really broke.. When people asked “Mary how far? ”

    I tried to leave my shell and open up

    I asked some persons to borrow, but all that was asking me How far turned me down.

    Whether they have or not,  I wouldn’t know.

    I tried to raise the money and continued My lifestyle of saying  “I’m fine” whether am going through stuffs or not.

    Different people and different ways of life.

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  • in reply to: LADIES AND FAKE LIFE #11443

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    @chijann this is hilarious…

    Well, as a person I frown at such behavior.

    I don’t intentionally waste food when I’m on a date rather I’ll request for what I can finish.

    I frown at friends who do that too whenever I find myself in the company of more than two persons in date.

    That being said..

    If you as a guy takes a girl out and she behaves in such manner and you just wave it off and deep down you’re not happy, I’ll say you are the one that’s fake.

    You’re even worse than her.

    I mean, you should be able to tell her how you feel.

    You don’t like waste.

    You hate it when people waste food..

    Then next time she won’t try that if she goes out on a date with you.

    If you dintrebuke her, she’ll continue doing such.

    If I take a guy on a date and he behaves in such manner, I won’t take a sec before I call him to order.

    Things should be done in appropriate manner.

    What you tolerate, you can’t change.

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  • in reply to: Pray For Nigeria? #11442

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    @samson it’s really saddening.

    That Thursday wasn’t the bloodiest in June, as the mass man slaughter in Berom in Plateau state occurred before the tanker explosion in Lagos/Ibadan expressway way.

    It is pathetic as dates now compete for whichis the bloodiest in Our dear Nation.

    It is even worse that the causes of these disasters is as a result of Our own Undoings…

    Incidence that can/could be avoided if the proper measures were put in place.

    I don’t really blame the So-called  Prophets who come up with different prophecies of doom.

    Since there are those who would rather spend their 24hrs daily listening to then rather than doing what’s suppose to be done to avoid future occurence of such.

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    @chijann this is my stance also.
    As a person..
    I’m not a fan of “Silence is golden” mantra.

    I wonder how cases will prop up that needs one to clarify by talking and someone will now tell me “Silence is the best answer for a fool” or Silence is golden.

    Some people are so use to those phrases that they are actually becoming fools themselves.

    Sometimes, people should learn to speak their silence.

    With what’s going on in our Nation there are people who are still holding on to the “Silence is golden” tag…

    If we continue to keep quiet, things will continue to go wrong and we will be the greater fools.

    Fools should know when they should hush up.

    And if you don’t let them know that they are not making sense, they will continue to loud their Nonsense since wise people have decided to take to SILENCE.

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  • in reply to: YOUR PAPERS #11408

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    @chijann in our country, those who make the law are first to break the law.

    Corruption is a thing that has eaten deep into our system…

    There are instances where people go about with their complete papers and still bribe their way at Police checkpoints…

    During my service year, I was traveling to a village in Ondo from Ekiti…
    We were stopped at one Police checkpoint and they demanded for his particulars…
    The Driver was about stretching his hands when the Police asked us to “Park well”
    Some passengers immediately nudged the driver to do the needful but I told them to leave the driver.
    Immediately I wore my cap and my friend ..
    We got down and approached the policemen with the particulars..
    My friend who was conversant with Particulars confirmed that the papers were complete..
    So we started speaking spree spree grammar…

    The policemen looked at us..
    And one said.. “Na because una be Corpers o”

    He asked the driver to continue on his journey.
    We continued like that till we got to our destination.

    If only people can be persistent..
    Little by little we will do away with this menace called Corruption in our society.

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  • in reply to: Care What Others Think #11400

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    We all have brains to think…

    We all have a WILL to choose…

    We all make different choices…

    We were all kids at a point in life… Then adolescents, teenagers etc…

    As children, we are expected to be nurtured by our parents/guardians who make major decisions for us…

    We get to a point in life, we take up decision making and begin to plan.

    Sometimes we tend to make mistakes and yes, it is not a bad thing..

    We should seek others opinion when it is extremely needed..

    And we should know how to separate the wheat from the shaft..
    We don’t just swallow everything hook, line and sinker…

    Caring so much about what others say or think about you will only give you unnecessary headaches when it is not up to expectations.

    People are dubious and sometimes not straight forward..
    Some don’t mean well while others won’t tell you the truth cause they want you to go down the drain…

    There are issues about you that you need to stand as a person and tackle.
    Thinking of what others say will only be wasting time.
    Time that should be used to do meaningful things in your life.

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  • in reply to: "for better for worse" more than just words #11399

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    @shanks see me blushing…
    Very creative.

    This is more like it.
    There’s no wash inside o.

    The Christian Holy Books says…
    “Out of the Abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”

    If you can say that from your heart and mean it, I put it to you that you will consciously and unconsciously keep to it.

    Sane with the lady.
    If I put down my vows myself, I’ll mean it with my heart and it will stick.

    There are some things we don’t take for granted…

    Real men/women won’t just blab over some wedding vows on the D-day and go home to do another.

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  • in reply to: A Call to Change! #11394

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    @janetcolette “these things are more rampant here because there are no strict laws”

    I’ll say these things are more rampant here because victims don’t want to take it to the authorities.
    In Lagos, there are several institutions that take care of DV and punish offenders also few in Rivers…
    I don’t know of others states yet…
    Thing is…
    If you advise a Victim to go to the authorities they immediately come up with this defense mechanism.

    You see a woman who’s battered telling you that..
    “Don’t worry, God will arrest him one day, he’ll change, I know he didn’t do this with his clear eyes, he even got me gifts on his way back from work yesterday, I’ll keep watching War room etc”
    And other flimsy excuses…

    They’re not ready to take up issues, so…
    The earlier they start reporting, the better for the society.

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  • in reply to: Shaping the Substance of your Writing. #11393

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    @shanks thanks so much for this.
    In as much as I love writing, I don’t have the patience to arrange my writing sometimes as I just pen down what comes to mind and how it comes to mind…
    Sometimes, I start from bottom to top.
    The ideas comes in their scattered form at times.

    But, will it still be okay to arrange them like with this format, but from bottom to top?

    Like starting with minor details then major, then definition of the concept and so on and so forth?

    I’ll give an example.
    In Playwriting there’s what we call MEDIARESS. This is a method of writing where the writer starts from the Middle then goes back to the Beginning and then to the end of the play OR the writer starts from the Middle, goes to the end and then takes you to the beginning. It depends on the progression the writer chooses to follow.

    However, this may be an exception as some writers know how to make their thoughts flow without unnecessary diversions and intrusions.

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  • in reply to: Education isn't just about going to the College. #11392

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    Rightly said @shanks
    In fact, the four walls of any college sometimes is just a necessity…
    There are still those who are Self-taught (Auto-didactic) They practically Learn how to read and write from the comfort of their with determination and consistency.
    They’re good and also successful.
    Besides, there are other forms of education asides Formal education.

    @janetcolette, formal education is a key to success but it is not the only key to success. In other words, it is a way to success but it is not the only way…
    There are several other ways.

    Most successful people in Nigeria didn’t have formal education, some pursue their Education after they were made.

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  • in reply to: "for better for worse" more than just words #11391

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    @blackniser, that phrase weighs more than the way it’s been said.
    People say it and in few months they’re doing otherwise.

    Like @janetcolette rightly put, it should be scraped.
    For heaven’s sake, two persons that decides to work down the aisle (so long as they are not forced) should know that they are taking a decision for better or for worse…

    How worse can it even get? Of course if it gets to a point where Domestic Violence, Emotional abuse, Psychological disability etc comes in…
    How will expect any of the party to stay put and maintain their Sanity?
    What if the lingers on?

    Worse ke?

    Proper orientation should be given to couples before they say “I Do”

    And before any other thing, couples should be allowed to say their vows the way they want it, handwritten by themselves without their choice of words and how they want it like they do in some countries and not recite the popular “for better for worse” anthem.

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  • in reply to: Should Parents Pick Our Spouse #11390

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    @samson, you see Ehn…
    Sometimes we just can’t explain somethings.
    In as much as Dad reacted that way, it is possible that Dad just don’t flow well with that particular person and the best thing to say at that point is…
    “When it’s time, we’ll pick a wife for you”..

    It may also be that, Dad was not really in a good mood…

    Something must have influenced his decision.
    However, even if you go ahead to pick a wife for yourself by yourself, won’t you be needing your Parents blessings?

    Like he rightly put..
    “When it is time” He probably feels you’re not ready or something.
    When you get to that hurdle you’ll cross it.

    Of course by then maybe he’ll be the one to tell you to bring so, so, and so he saw you with jokingly…

    Relax your mind and just give it TIME.

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