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    @samson thanks for this.
    I was having a conversation with my sister yesterday and she narrated a story to me of a particular gang here in Lagos who steal phones, get the SIM cards and access bank accounts of the Sims which are linked to People’s Bank account…

    They get access and transfer funds from owner’s account to their own…

    This is another reason why people are advised to retrieve their Sims immediately they lose their phones.

    Another issue is divulging account information on social media.

    We should be very careful as sometimes others gets access to our gadgets.

    It is pathetic the way cyber crimes is on the increase of late.

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    @samson true…
    But this topic also goes the other way…
    “Don’t just be there for them,be there with them”…

    Often times some parents believes always being there for their Children is enough…
    They are always handy with money availability hence they fill being with the children when need arises is not important.

    You see some parents send their wards to boarding schools for the wrong reasons.
    When I worked as the secretary in a boarding school…
    I heard and saw all sorts.
    There are parents who avoid meetings, they are never around to check on the children…

    This is pathetic as well as sad.

    Parents should always be there with them and for them.

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    That idiom “The pen is mightier than the sword” is contextual…

    Action speaks louder than words is also contextual…

    There are some times people pay no mind to actions but will respect written words…

    I’ll give you a scenario…
    You see people urinating along the road…

    No matter how many times people are caught, others are still found wanting… But if you want to scare a typical Nigerian away, get a red cloth, tie it to a stick, put one scary inscription beside it and watch how Nigerians will meticulously avoid that area.

    In some other cases you don’t need action… Just words. The Yorubas will say… “Suru logba, agidi o ran”

    Meaning, patience is the way… Violence won’t solve anything.

    At times words comes through…
    At other times, action comes through.

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    This administration is more like an Authoritative form of leadership…

    During the last administration, GEJ will always throw his decisions to the public for criticisms and opinions of the public.
    His intentions were always up for debate and if the voice of the majority is louder than the voice of the leaders he has a way of coming to a compromise.

    The recent June 12 being announced as the new Democracy day was not up for debate…

    It was already decided before the public got to know…

    I don’t know the motive behind this but I just hope it is for the good of the entire populace in Nigeria.

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  • in reply to: WHERE WERE YOU WHEN ? #11142


    @chijann OK, don’t misunderstand me.
    It is not a crime to be poor but to remain poor…
    Oh well…

    Now, your being poor has got absolutely nothing to do with your unborn kids as you’ve enough time to prepare yourself for their coming into the earth.
    I’m not saying one must be rich, I’m saying you should be comfortable enough to take care of your kids before bringing them into the earth (At least that’s the right thing to do)

    All fingers are not equal -True.
    Now this is the more reason you should do things according to your ability.

    If you can comfortably take care of a child then why give have 4?

    If you can comfortably take care of 10 children then go ahead…

    I’m just saying, the question in your post is as a result of the Failure of parents to adequately take care of the children most times.

    A successful parent will not need to answer such questions, of course.

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    Stay AWAKE in your relationships…

    No truer words have been said..
    Thanks @shanks

    Funny enough, it’s not like people intentionally go to sleep in their relationship…
    “Oro ife lobádè”(it is love that’s covering people’s eyes)

    Sometimes, people take shits and at other times choose to come to a compromise.
    However, this is not reasons enough to be in an abusive relationship.
    Physical violence is one and Emotional abuse is another.

    Some times, silent treatment is even worse than the physical abuse…
    Women/Men go through all forms of abuse because why?
    Because breaking out of such relationships for them is like the End of the world for them.

    People needs to know that they deserve better…
    They need to know better so they cN do better.
    Being in an abusive relationship/marriage is HELL on earth.

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    @chijann Success has a way of magneting admiration

    Nobody is really all that interested in how one makes their money or not..
    It is only when there’s a cause for alarm people begin to wonder how others came about their Success.

    As for Children questioning their parents about their outcome in life…
    I don’t see it totally out of place…
    Parents are suppose to have kids they can comfortably take care of..
    Give them the best things in life.
    You cannot bring a dozen children to this world and at the end of the day leave each one to themselves and not expect some of them to ask you where were you when your mates Were achieving.

    Children have no business with suffering or hardship…
    As a parent, you should be able to provide your kid/kids with their fundamental needs and see if they will ask such a question.

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  • mayjovey

    @shanks this is explicit enough…
    If this article can get to everyone out there it will go along way in re-orienting minds, most especially those of our parents.

    The notion the society have about Rape (especially when girls are victims) is faulty.

    A girl is raped and people begin to ask irrelevant and unnecessary questions instead if doing the needful (taking care of the victim, mentally, health wise and psychologically)

    The same people who preach morals go about committing hideous crimes…
    They try to shut their victims up by putting fear in them.
    The parents who’re the closest to these victims are “A-no-go-area” as there’s no atmosphere where children can open up to their parents when it comes to sex…

    It is disheartening as there in constant rise in Rape cases in our society…

    The perpetrators of this crime mist often go Scot free without adequate punishments.
    I just hope the Government look into this matter and severely punish those who are found wanting and let’s make the society a safe place for all.

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  • in reply to: The Cheating Husband #11131


    @shanks as a person I believe issues should be sorted out with those involved in it directly.
    In this case… If a wife or husband or two people involved in a relationship finds out one is cheating on the other, I feel there’s no need confronting the third party…
    Since your opinion was not sort after before the cheating took place… The third party has absolutely nothing to do with you.

    Taking your frustrations out on the third party won’t stop the Cheater from cheating with others…

    Sort things out with your better half and leave others outta the scene.

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  • in reply to: UNWILLINGNESS TO BE REPLACED #11086


    Greed is the major reason why these Politicians gets into politics and refuse/unwilling to step down.

    Some go into politics with good intentions but along the line get swallowwd up by Greed and then refuse to step down.

    This is one of the reasons our Political system is in shambles…
    We keep going in circles…

    Recycling past leaders with same archaic mode of ruling filled with selfishness and Greed.

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  • in reply to: SLANG #11085


    Slang is an easy way of communication between people who understands them.
    In Warri Delta state…
    Slang is like their major means of communication and you’ve to learn it if you don’t want to be lost in ignorance.
    They have slang for virtually everything..
    Currency, greetings, and all.

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    Smiling itself is like a costume that should never leave us.

    It helps a lot.

    It relieves stress
    It uplifts the soul
    It brightens one’s day

    It is a source of strength to others.
    It enlivens one’s soul and a whole lot of others.

    There are situations we can’t help but just smile and move on.

    I smile a lot.
    When I was much younger I remember I grumble and nag a lot, it made me look ugly..
    It got to a stage in decided to start opening my teeth, laugh and always be cheerful…
    I noticed it enhanced my looks and since then, I made it an Habit to always smile come what may.
    Even in situations beyond our control, when you smile and remain calm, somehow it passes.

    Smile when words fail you…
    It says a lot more than a thousand words.

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  • in reply to: THE GOLDEN RULE #11083


    The Golden rule applies in all areas of our lives.
    Do unto others as you want then to do unto you.

    It is a Give and take something.

    Most times people get infuriated when others act towards them in a certain way…
    They forget that Karma is a bitch.
    You’ll be treated the way you treat others maybe by other people.

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    Oh well…
    Sadly enough, this doesn’t only happen in the Eastern part of Nigeria…
    Every tribe in Nigeria have their list of Don’t(s) for women…
    In the Niger Delta women don’t participate in major decision taking in the society, family, etc

    In the Northern part of Nigeria, women are not allowed to get western education to the brim (except for the select few who take the bull by the horn)

    In the Southwest, women are restricted from taking some traditional roles…

    It is everywhere.

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  • in reply to: LOVE BY FORCE #11080


    @chijann did you say “Love is a mutual agreement?” like a contract?

    This is where it all starts..
    Love happens naturally…

    It comes without stress, without notice, it just happens.
    Sometimes people fall in love without even planning for it…

    There are persons who are even match made who eventually fall in love along the line.

    @Janet there’s no guarantee that love by Force don’t last and there’s equally no guarantee that love by mutual involvement will last.

    Love cannot be by force even if initially the Process might make it look so…

    Love is love.
    Once a person is in love there’s no distinguishing whether it’s by Force or Mutual involvement…

    It happens to you and it sweeps you off your feet.
    At that point you can’t say whether it is by force any longer.

    I think what people mean by “Love by force” is because at the initial stage there was a kind of Resistance in one party… Which makes it seem like the other party is forcing it…
    Once it gets to the point where the mind has accepted to love the other person..
    Trust me, from that point you just begin to go deeper in Love and it doesn’t matter whether it lasts for long or it is short-lived.

    What matters is that you enjoy loving and being loved while it lasted.
    And yes, Money can make one fall in Love.

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