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  • in reply to: BBNAIJA SHOW-BAD OR GOOD FOR SOCIETY? #5846


    Big brother Naija may be termed Bad and good at same time, although it’s Rated18.

    If we term it bad what about burning of Bibles?, openly in Uganda.
    Adultery, Incest, Homosexual, lesbianism. Public sex on the road, church, market, football field. Bestiality (sex with Animals). pornographic films are even allowed in high school and universities.
    The authorization of prostitution. The church of satan is publicly pronouunced. etc

    Big Brother is only a stepping stone to the aforementioned. Remember! At the end of the show someone will surely walk away with Millions of Naira.

    Big Brother is a reality show with the aim of empowering a youth. Talent /behavioral depiction.
    Its also a way to Fame for the Housemates. This kind of show should be encouraged if pornography is removed, and more educating Tasks given to the Housemates.

    Personally to me Its not bad pertaining the present day economic situation of the country.

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  • in reply to: Unemployment in Nigeria #5842


    Unemployment is a crucial issue in this present day, It’s now a matter of the heart for the entire Nation. This been the main purpose of the present day crime and directionless of future leaders. This crime has raged from armed robbery, cyber crime etc. Some of the causes of unemployment are;

    Bad leadership with visionless leaders who are self centered and has personal interest.

    Outdated Academic Curriculum with our universities producing unemployable graduates due to outdated academic curriculums.

    Lack of Plan by University Authorities/management. admiting more students than they can handle, sending poorly trained graduates into the labor market without marketable skills.

    Overpopulation in some cities which has made disadvantage to other cities, which have vacant positions but nobody to fill them.

    Un-attractiveness of farming, with society relegating farmers to the background and rates them as failures and old fashioned.

    The craze for White-Collar Jobs, has made people wish to get an office job than to do any other work; making them to seek for employment that may not exist.

    Rural-Urban migration of young adults seeking employment and a better life, and places they hope to get it, which causes over population in the cities they migrate to, triggering unemployment, lack of accommodation and other social vices.

    Industries Performing at low Capacity. When there is economic downturn, companies produce less, and as customer purchasing power weakens, this leads to temporary embargo on employment.

    Foreign exchange scarcity to import raw materials, make industries to operate at low capacity, which leads to sack/retrenchment of some staff.

    Economic slow/melt Down. Recession in the economy will cause companies to sack some of their workers.

    With a host of other phenomenon not mentiond.. The approach is basically in the Government strategies to stabilising the following to reduce unemployment in the country, and the world beyond as it is not only Nigerians that is in this Mess.

    The Economic fiscal plan of any government depends on revenue and expenditure.
    Fiscal policy shows how government spends and collects revenue such as corporate and income tax, sales tax, custom duties and tariffs and spends it on repairs of roads and salary. A fiscal policy is either expansionary or contractionary.

    The Central Bank of Nigeria monetary policy should be able to come up with rules for easy operation of the financial sector.
    It manages money supply by:
    *the lending rates going up.
    *the lending rates going down.
    *lending more.
    *lending less.
    Lending rate affects individuals who borrow from banks to pay for their personal needs and firms who borrow from banks to grow their businesses because capital is crucial for any business to survive. So companies must borrow at sensible interest rates to make profit.
    Also, monetary policy makes it easy for companies to plan the time to borrow from their banks and do so when interest rates are low.
    Furthermore, getting a loan enlarges business, which increases output and profit, and helps these companies create more jobs.

    Government spending due to limited resources and competing needs, it is difficult to get required funds from Government to fix infrastructures that need urgent repairs. However, if government spends money to repair roads, purchase hospital equipment, and fix public schools, its effect on the economy is visible. Example; to repair any road, government must hire contractors who will employ people to work on the project sites.
    The effect; repairing a road, will bring employment to many laborers who will get a job.

    Agriculture is the second largest employer of labor in Nigeria. The agro value chain create more jobs for Nigerians. In December 2016, Lagos state Government sold Lake rice to Lagos residents. This happened due to a deal between Kebbi state and Lagos state for the production of Lake Rice brand.
    This alliance created many jobs.
    Imagine that all states in the country copy this example, and produce one Agric commodity; this would not only reduce unemployment but feed the country as well.

    Government Intervention in Micro Lending. The Government can disburse money to micro finance banks for lending to market women, petty traders, and artisans to stimulate economic growth. This can work, if the Micro Finance Bank will ask these people to form corporative societies, to enable members get small loans in expanding their businesses.
    The corporative societies will act as a guarantor for members to ensure borrowers repay the loans.
    This plan can help many poor Nigerians become self-reliant and as their business grows; they will create jobs to reduce unemployment.

    Getting professional education. Education sets people free from poverty. Educated people, especially professionals are assets to the nation.
    Example; a lawyer could specialize in corporate or marine law. These professionals may work in public service or set up their own practice and employ individuals to work for them.
    Let us encourage professionalism so they can become employers to reduce unemployment in Nigeria.

    Changing university curriculum. introducing subjects to train undergraduates for skills that are lacking, really essential for the labour market of today. The present limited curriculum must change to add subjects such as cybernetics and robotics, computer animation, web courses, data capture, and other technological courses.
    If we implement this change, graduates will become qualified for positions in the current labor market and reduce unemployment in Nigeria.

    Training entrepreneurs instead of allowing unemployed graduates to search for jobs that are not there. Example; the National Youths Service Corp program (NYSC) could become a one-year entrepreneurial training program for all graduates who will pass out to create jobs.

    In addition, you can set up an internet business by becoming a blogger, website designer, and copywriter, to reduce unemployment in Nigeria.

    Setting up customer service centers.
    You can set up customer service business, to serve the global community. All that is required is for employees to accept excellence as a personal value and be able to speak good English with or without any accent, to be able to work for firms abroad.
    A customer service center, which can employ large numbers of people, is a doable business that can reduce unemployment.

    In Conclusion:
    Unemployment is a menace, which we must clear of the track by ways of approach.
    Let us all join hands to provide jobs for unemployed people, mostly the youths, if we all wish to sleep at night with our eyes closed.

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  • in reply to: My Philosophy of Love #5825


    Love is a commitment, love is a mindset on which all other viable heights are achieved. Love is the reason why humanity is being till now.. Love had made it that clear mind fears no accusations, It’s proper to relate love to our well being, bring it forward on life approaches. No one would deny being love in one way or the other as the day goes by.

    Acting in love like this Good Samaritan is a matter of choice, it’s also a decision within the mind. Little comparison with love and hatred will result to an understanding which should be given a way for love to be part of our actions and inactions.. Love is beared in the mind and shown in action.. Do good to good and bad people alike. Don’t be too selfish to forget that human race is reining for the love bestowed upon it by God. Go about doing good.

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  • in reply to: Obasanjo, Nigeria's political barometer? #5815


    Former President; Olusegun Obasanjo is better known as a True Elder states man due to how he handled his Govt. during his 8years in Office. He also handled the FG to an extent of expertise. Little will any Nigerian think His Govt. Was corrupt. He maintained some maturity as an ex Military Boss. worked with many and made fury to some areas who can’t forget him for Bruit.

    He maintained dollar to the rate of naira to the likes of many Nigerians. Fuel prices do increase but not to what it is today. Food was on distribution and circulation. Power supply was only in the urban cities and with the rural areas on flash. The roads where tarred and a bit standard but a host of them unattended to. Some contracts were not complete but some completed. Business was lucrative because of import and export of goods and services. He brought in GSM to Nigeria and scammed Billions from Nigerians through recharge cards. Crisis was rare and was barely communial clashes.
    Security was the other of the day with rare security threats. Things were Supposedly moving easy and hopeful. The rate of corruption within the Govt was on a low key.

    With the above; Nigerians will believe in Him as a godfather, He is truly an Elder state Man. He is busy dancing with the gods for dictating what will or may be happening to another Govt. After he failed on some of his. He is only on his way to causing mixed feelings among Peaceful masses of Nigeria. Obasanjo is on the verge to being a good citizen but have not proved this during his time as he came out of Prison to meet a Set interim Govt. From Ernest Shonekan to Rtd General Abdulsalam Abubakar. He is also on the notion to be an evil in the darkness for being a Supreme leader of the killings made in Zaki-biam Benue state during the time of Late Lt. General SVL Malu as the Chief of Army staff that killed a whole community for killing a soldier who was reportedly molesting innocent civilians.

    Obasanjo is of no importance to Nigeria because he is of the Notion of Party Partisanship, So he is standing no where to be precise. I believe he should better go to his house and weep for keeping Nigeria to its present position from His Handing over to Alhaji Abubakar Yar’Adua who died on sit facing a life threatening ailment, then brought his Vice Dr. Ebele Jonathan who was “unprepared,” faced with lots of distractions from crisis of Boko Haram. Which is still on the rise till date. Obasinji should go home and relax. And give way to the poor hungry Nigerians who are believing God to intervene.

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  • in reply to: THE WAY LIFE GOES #5814


    Life is an uneasy “Task”, the way of God is not the way of Human.

    I sat on a football picth as a spectator and watched my favorite Team loosing the match in their own home.
    The coach was like bursting into tears and the team members with the supporters where touched with the loss. (though it wasn’t a life.) the visiting team jubiliated and joyfuly went home with the 0:3 win against the home Team.

    The home Team approached it;
    In practice they improved, In strength they increased, In skills they made it up, In dribbling they used easy methods and improved virtually in other aspects.

    Two months later, The two Teams were to meet again in the same Pitch and hosted by the last loosing home Team. The visiting Team thought it was game as usual and did rest on their Oasis. Regardless of less practices. To cut short; The match ended 7:1 with the Home Team winning 6 goals ahead of the visiting Team.
    The town was shacked up to jubilation.. The visiting Team got dumbfounded on the improvement of the Home Team.

    It occurred that the cause of the failure was “Rest” and “Underlook”
    It’s indeed on this notes that I keep on striving, believing and keeping hope alive that I am alive and kicking, waiting for what will be.

    Life is worth living well. We will keep sticking hard. Cheers!

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  • in reply to: For the masses? #5813


    A right thinking mind would be on dilemma. Based on the happenings in this country.
    This is a the same Govt. that promised Nigerians the positive change we all crave for. What we are seeing today is more or less the works of the CABALS.

    Recently the first Vice President of this country died, by name late Dr. Alex Ekwueme, He is from Oko in Anambra state, He is also the brother to a renowned Musician known as Prof Lax Ekwueme. At the time of the preparation to the burial right. The old roughly maintained road leading to his Home town and the church was scraped off completely and replaced with a new one, from Oko junction to his compound alone. The street lights replaced and also powered by the AEDC that had refused to supply power to the Masses. His house was also refurbished with new upholstery, painting, power supply, water supply and there is houses around his own house without power supply for years. The same week it was decorated, entertainment in place for the visitors and well wishers. All in the name of Burial “Right”vto our Past Heroes.

    Come to think of it, the money which our Govt. is supposed to use in maintainace of our road, the water supply, the power, the security department which is nothing to write home about, is being lavished for luxury and procurement of entertainment for themselves.

    It baffled me that
    the masses where busy clamouring them with praises on the day of the said burial. It occurred that the burial was only for the wealthy and the enriched after the Masses could not be allowed into the burial venue by heavy security protecting our Country leaders.

    Again the President; Muhammadu Buhari also visited Nassarawa state to commiserate with Cattle owners who lost their cattle to Angry citizens fighting over the Fulani herdsmen crisis. On that same day the Vice President; Prof Yemi Osibanjo was sent on delegation to Benue State to also commiserate with the said cattle owners. Intead of the families that lost their lives to the cold hearted Fulani herdsmen. I am on the thought that our Govt. value the lives of Animals compared to humanity. This Same Govt. Is also on verge of making themselves rich with the sweet of the masses. Nigeria is in doom. With the rate of corruption and valueless handling of the Masses by the Govt. Elected by the Same Masses. The Cabals are pressing onward by their buttons aiming high and leaving the Masses in vacuum.. It’s right time the Masses will have to come up with their voters cards by 2019 to determine what it will be like.

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  • in reply to: Tithe 10% #5664


    Whenever It comes to the matters of Christianity.. Simply resort to your Bible and follow it up. Do what God has said in the Bible not  what pastor’s has said..

    Tithing as I know is done with willingness. Free will giving and seed sowing are different things altogether will.

    Brother go and marry your Bible. It’s Biblical to  Tithe. Go about it Bibilically.

    I hope with this few suggestions my comment will be helpful. Thanks

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  • in reply to: "The Biochemistry of Cancer" #5663


    I read this write up and understood where you are pointing to.

    The truth is that the average man I. The street will fail to understand this. Apologies! It’s too ambiguous.

    While writing again try and use simple grammar for better understanding.

    I don’t mean to turn your efforts down. I only meant to be frank with you.. Thanks for your understanding.

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  • in reply to: Entrepreneurial Mind #5662


    your thoughts are resourcesfuly positive to this write up.. I appreciate your views and would wish that we put it to work for a better tomorrow

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  • in reply to: Calling out to the introverts #5661


    Most time we resort to listening to people who disapprove us for who we are.

    l will better prefer to have an introvert as a neighbor that having an extrovert. I am the type that keep to myself and my colleagues do disapprove me for not being an extrovert. I have also realized that I do achieve a lot for being who I am. Especially when an argument erupts up, I am always the last to finalize the issue which makes the said people to question my loyalty, honesty and wisdom.

    I read with my time, cook, clean up and do things that matters, also relate with my environment peacefully.
    Being an Introvert is the only fulfilment to solitude. The truth is, we want to socialize with others at same time. simply table your time to the things that matter to you. Do Live it up in you.

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  • in reply to: Conspiracy? #5660


    It’s indeed a good ideology on this write up. It has been all said than done. Action speaks louder than words.
    It’s time to get up to our feet and maintain our ground.

    This stone-hearted men are busy planning ahead while we follow up.

    This coming as one to face the fact that we are of the capability to say No! it’s not this way but this way

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  • Iyke

    Our Diplomats who are representing us have not looked on the grassroots to table our issues to table.. Agitation will be the best in form of peaceful Demonstration with placards depicting our grievances.

    The Africa context has exergerated to the extent of several ignorances by the Government. Who sit on our rights, busy looting and diverting wealth.

    Africa I think need a second time colonialism with a good orientation to approaching our differences.

    The corrupt politicians don’t want want to “Die”. The upcoming are busy learning the ills of it all.

    We remain the victims all the time. another approach is Rebirth and change of Government to a Cabinet govt. which soothe the nature of Africans who are more answerable to its Rulers before Colonialism and Independence came to be.

    Reformation of Government Agencies can be another approach to this issue alongside change of Government type.

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  • in reply to: GOD'S TIME! THE PERFECT TIME!! #5655


    Change is constant. Time proves Change and patience is the key to it all. One love

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  • in reply to: One world #5653


    This dream is what everyone is clamouring for. This dream will go a long way to healing the wounds.
    If the world can come together as one to be. Live will be meaningful.

    Let agape love lead us!

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  • in reply to: What a power! #5651


    The mind is the cradle of good and evil alike.

    Positivity to humanity is the reason why some are genuinely frank to meet up with certain responsibilities. At same time some others failed to meet up with their responsibilities due to bad background and early cradle during the formative years.

    The office of being a parent(s) have been marked down with their Inability to create in the children the ability to differentiate who they are.

    It all starts with the Home developing the child, before the Teacher impacts external Knowledge.
    Early education is good but will make a child to have a vacuum mind about Norms. This is the same reason the average grade students succeed in life earlier before the students who performed excellently arrives in live. Although they will and have always questioned the validity of educational system.

    Average students see both the good and bad come from it and are more aware of the fact that there are several different modalities outside the recognized system to learn from. They see academia as only one approach to learning and hence automatically challenge the status quo.

    The approach begins with the Home before the community.

    Our Minds are great and good to go. Lack of parental guidance and counseling at early age has been the hampering agent against it’s development to greater life.

    Observation is the only best way of knowing what a child is up to at cradle. spoil the rod and spare the child.
    look out on their TV programs and whereabouts, before they Proceed to the larger society where they can be able to express themselves. differentiate between the good and the bad.

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