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    I am still thinking of a strategy in which I would like to focus on young people who are really serious about improving their financial status by learning the right knowledge and skills.

    I don’t want to just provide a learning platform but to get young people up and running and being able to start earning. Sometimes, these Youth Empowerment programs just provide taster sessions and then people are roped in to pay a big sum, which may not be possible for many. The usual ones are small chops and make up sessions….I think there are more that can be taught and learnt to create a bigger community of skilled individuals.

    What skills/knowledge can be provided that will not take long for individuals to learn proficiently and not cost an arm and a leg to set them up please?

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    OK a lot of youths in our society today already have brilliants ideas waiting to be heard and developed giving them a chance would go a long way. Empowering youths must not be making them go through skill acquisition could also empower by giving them capitals, using thier ideas to bring development both to them and thier contemporaries. I think there should be a platform where youths can easily be heard you would realise a lot of brilliant ideas are going to waste..

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    Here are some I’ve observed over time to cost less and profit more.

    1. Hair styling.
    This especially for males. Rumor or is it psychology has it that women prefer their hair to be made by the opposite sex.
    Related training will only last for few weeks and further establishment is just a shop and some appliances…the greater tool is already the hands.

    2. Soap making.
    Branded bar soaps are gradually becoming less affordable to a greater number. Not to even complain how weak and few the lather they produce are.
    Capitalizing on these—price and lather, local production of bar soaps would sell a lot in rural areas.

    3. Generator repair.
    Virtually every house owns a set which definitely develops fault with time.
    A good repairer will thrive a such a society with little or no power supply.

    Coupled with all these, is ones marketing skill and integrity. The former will get you costumers, the latter will keep them.
    So, amidst the handworks, good managerial skills should also be included in the training.

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    @blacknizer, your view resonates with me. A lot of empowerment projects are launched all over the place. True empowerment just doesn’t impart training, it provides an outlet for using that training. Not everyone that undergoes skills training will set up a business. For those who wish it, they can be placed in companies utilising their particular skill sets.

    Others can be given equipment that will make it possible to put their training to use. Cobblers, tailors, and so on can start small and grow with time.

    One thing I must recommend to anyone launching an empowerment programme is to make sure monitoring and evaluation are part of the project. Most beneficiaries of empowerment programmes sell off equipment given to them, spend money given to them to start businesses on buying clothes, etc, or just forget about the training when they can’t raise fund to put it to use. monitoring ensures that they continue with the process till they are truly empowered while evaluation ensures that those who may be having difficulties are helped to cross the line.

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    I don’t know, but of all the empowerment programs I witnessed in my state, the trainees gets to leave with the tools for their businesses given to them by government or NGOs

    Like a tailor gets to have a sewing machine and some cash

    A barber gets to have a pair of clippers and some barbing tools

    A hair dresser gets a hair and hand dryer and so on

    I witnessed over 10 grand closing of empowerment trainings here were all like that.

    @talklessthinkmore, you are still thinking of what to focus on?

    Well if you have the finances to support them, then I enjoin you to watch shark tank on YouTube. It’s a platform where youths with innovative ideas gets to sell it to business men for funding in America. You can decide to do it here in Nigeria if you have the finances

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