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    This issue has been trending more often than usual lately and surprisingly breeding controversies that I think shouldn’t even be arising.

    Controversies of whether or not it is right because with the way the public be choosing their sides over law enforcement always marvel me.

    Defrauding anybody whether locals or foreigners, no matter how gullible they are is barbaric and should be severely punishable by law.

    What reason do you have to justify robbing another person of their resources?

    Okay, let’s say you had an arguable reason to do it once but what reason do you have to continue in that line of mercilessly breaking people down and then have to mouth to clamour for law enforcement to stay off your back?

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    Nothing acquired through any fraudulent way is justifiable. Whether you acquired it from your mother, father, relations, your village people,country people or foreigners
    No matter the name you give the ‘means’ of acquiring any fraudulent thing, it is unlawful and should be condemned,simple.

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    No justifiable reason to even do it once. Defrauding another human of their hard earned money is pure evil and selfishness. It can never be justified. Even poverty or economic hardship can not justify it.

    It is embarrassing how these fraudsters are soiling the country’s name and blocking the way for responsible citizens who want to do genuine business with foreigners. They are ruining the image of Nigeria and making every other Nigerian pay for it.

    Our government need to wage war seriously against it and bring perpetrators to judgment. Parents need to raise their kids well and imbibe in them the right morals.

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    Who else is amazed at how many times these foreigners get duped without still learning a lesson?
    Sometimes it is like they choose to be swindled by falling for the same trap with different persons or even the same person.

    A friend once told me he overheard someone telling another person how a certain victim of some other fraudster was narrating her ordeal to him who was also a fraudster and she still got defrauded by him, the narrator.

    How slow can someone be to be bitten twice and even more?

    As for waging war against it, SARS are doing a very good job aside from the bad eggs trying to ruin their repute.
    Yet I think the battle would be best fought economically.
    Not even by providing jobs because it already seem that these culprits are used to fatter salaries but by drastically reducing the gap between Naira and Dollar to an extent that it would not longer be worth the stress of risking law enforcement disturbances and gradually these criminals will voluntarily quit.

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