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    Most People today starts their relationship with the wrong reason and this has caused such relationship to crash in the midway. There’s a quote that says ”Don’t start a relationship because you want it, start a relationship because you need it”, Some people rush into relationship because they want to, they don’t really need it but they just ”want” to. Below are some wrong reasons of starting a relationship with someone:

    1. MY FRIENDS ARE DOING IT: Wait for your time, Wait till when you need to, Don’t work with other people’s clock, Wait till you have the potentials to do it.

    2. PRESSURE: Either from friends or from your parents or from yourself too. ”You are old enough my man, can’t you see? Look at me now, I already have kid playing in my parlour”… This shouldn’t push you against the wall to jump into the relationship you shouldn’t have started.

    3. FIRST ATTRACTION: Damn! This lady looks attractive, I should be in a relationship with her. There’s is nothing as ”Love at first sight but lust”, You only love someone you know . He/She might be attractive at your first meet but get to know him/her before jumping into into relationship.

    There are many wrong reason but I think I should stop here.

    Now what other ”Wrong Reason’ can you think of?

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    Well put, but I don’t think there are actually good or bad reasons for starting a relationship…

    So long to two parties decides on their right senses to start a relationship, no matter how bad any reason they come up with is…

    to them it is good.

    Now,  wrong decisions are good when you stand by it your mind is fixated on making it good…

    Relationships that work didn’t all start with good reasons… but two people who choose to make whatever reason they had for entering the relationship Good.

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