Who would you prefer to play knockout with if you were England?

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    As the 21st FIFA World Cup tournament springs up more surprises, this particular group (Group H) continues to hold my fancy as the group is very open now and England (who’re currently on top of Group G) will have a lot to do in the next stage of the football battle where 16 countries are to play things out.

    Did you just ask me why I’m not bothered about our very own Super Eagles and their potential opposition? Well, I am (for real) but I just decided to keep my fingers crossed while hoping for a favourable outcome (against Argentina) – wink.

    Anyways, let’s go back to the nitty gritty of the matter…

    I’m afraid Colombia will beat Senegal and finish with 6 points but can the likes of Harry Kane and his team mates repeat what they did to Panama when they get to the knockout stage (not forgetting that they still have a group match ahead against Belgium)?

    Moreover, the situation is still dicey as Poland is unfortunately heading home (with no points in two games) but I’m sure this Polish team have not come to shine other people’s boots. So if Japan loses to them with Senegal and Colombia having a draw, the two latter teams will both go through. On the other hand, if Japan wins, then whoever has the day between Senegal and Colombia will join others in the last 16.

    With that being the case, would you rather play against Japan or Colombia (or probably Senegal) if you were England?

    Let the permutations and arithmetic of convenience begin.

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    If I am in England’s shoes, I would prefer to play against Japan (‘doh Im not saying they are not a cheap runover).

    I don’t think England can match up with the superbĀ midfield play of the Colombians and the African side (Senegal) might also have an advantage of physical strength over them. Apart from that, it looks impossible for ENG to replicate what they did against Panama in subsequent games as that was just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Three Lions. We’ll start to see how well they can roar when they face Belgium.

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    @shanks, I’ll prefer Japan.

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    @shanks, which ever team England takes on, I don’t think it’ll come easy for them.
    Football sometimes is a game of Luck and Mood.
    What England did to Panama on Sunday is a clear sign that things happen and can destabilize a team.
    England were fortunate enough to beat Panama hands down but will they be fortunate like that with the others?

    Using our group as a case study. We saw what Iceland did with Argentina when they played their first match

    Super Eagles on the other hand lost to Croatians…
    Super Eagles meeting Iceland..
    That match destabilized the Icelanders…

    Football sometimes can be very unpredictable you know.

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    @shanks, now that it’s England vs. Colombia, let’s see how the game would end.

    @4evergrace, I guess your preference for Japan is because you see them as walkovers. Never say never!

    @juliana, that’s a thoughtful one but as @mayjovey rightly said, it’ll not be a child’s play for them.

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