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    I was watching my nursing doe this morning as she refused to eat just because she was separated from her kid (that’s just over a week old) for some minutes. She had the chance of nibbling at her food while ignoring his absence but refused to do that as she kept paying attention to his bleatings. She knew she had to feed him at that moment and saw no reason for further delays.

    Then, I thought of something…

    Why is it so difficult for us as humans to align what we should do now with what we end up actually doing?

    This paradox does not only apply to physical activities but to almost every worthy thing that we embark upon as humans. Do we still say it’s our flair for procrastination that’s screwing us as humans or there’s something else behind it?

    For instance, there are times when I intentionally delay working on a task just to chat with a female buddy when I know the consequence of a late delivery (wink). Sometimes, people break their diet routines and eat loads of junk and non-prescribed foods, even when they know it makes them feel uncomfortable afterwards.

    For some, they prefer mesmerizing on Iroko Tv, Ndani Tv, Daily Motion, Netflix, Vimeo and co to working on their passionate projects, which they end up regretting at last. In some quarters, instead of focusing on where their shoes hurt, such people lose their cool and yell at their loved ones or people close to them, knowing fully well that they’re trading temporary gratification for a long-term regret.

    It goes on and on like that and I keep wondering why we keep living our lives this way. Can’t we just gear our action lever to the right place and at the right time? Would we still be facing some of the societal issues we’re currently facing if we stop indulging in our guilty pleasures (despite being a form of therapy for the mind)?

    Can we stop this trend of mismatching our objectives in our decision-making process? Can we stop hiding under the umbrella of restraints just because we’re enjoying its momentary shade? When would we start using our willpower to rediscover ourselves? Can we envisage a brighter future for ourselves by differentiating the actions that will have favorable outcomes on us from those that won’t? When would we start taking giant steps toward our reality?

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    Man naturally likes to do those momentary things that will give him/her present satisfaction and plans to face other tasks he /she has later
    It is not as if he /she does not know that the ‘future’ task is important but seizes the opportunity to make himself/herself happy at the moment
    It takes a person to have the willpower to overlook present pleasures for more important tasks and needs

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    To be honest, I will be one of the most guilty as long as this issue is concerned.
    Those short term gratifications are almost like morphines which hijacks the pleasure centre of our brains and label that other important duties as boring.
    These are just natural phenomenon which we can barely control but how I do it is the emphasis on the long term regret.
    For example, I have this project for my final year which really seems a heavy burden compared to going online, communicating especially with babe and so many other gratifications.
    Although, the project might be truly boring but the imagination of an extra session after graduation just to complete my project always jerks me back to work even with a broken spirit and boy, does it give me so much joy after each chapter progress.

    Sometime ago, I saw this video on facebook that emphasizes on “giving a damn.” We know these consequences, we know the benefits, all required of us is to just give a damn about them and make the right decisions even though it is never always pleasant but can never be as unpleasant as the repercussions

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