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    I have heard the phrase Youth Empowerment so often, I’m sure if think back, I’ve probably seen the phrase in my sleep. Some just run these Youth Empowerment programs in conjunction with some Local Governments just to boost the Chairman’s CV and the NGOs reputation.

    Has anyone undertaking such a program (provider or participant) or do you know anyone who has, please what has been your/their experience? Do you think things can be done better, how please?

    Thank you.

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    I have never undertaken such a program but from the little I know from what I hear and see on television, I don’t think it is anything to write home about. What is even the empowerment there? Is it giving the youth sewing machine or giving them okada?

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    Youth empowerment sometimes depends on the individuals i.e the youths. after I attended a skill acquisition once i overheard one of the participants say “all this things is just for doing sake abeg make dem finish make I de go house” OK that kind of comment clearly shows how uninterested that individual was, even after youths have been given some level of empowerment, either through capital, skill acquisitions, etc some of them just go to sleep over it,just the very few that strive hard that usually come out successful.so its not always the fault of the government, or NGO’s.

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    “Youth Empowerment” programme is a Phrase that has obviously lost its meaning in my dear country.
    It is now a facade.
    The Government officials go about enriching their pockets claiming they are running a YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME.
    On most occasions eligible youths are not empowered but rather people that are not eligible.

    Most times, it is a Scam.

    I don’t bother my head.

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    Youth empowerment is not a scam, but you can say not everyone gets to benefit

    I have seen people who benefited from alot of empowerment stuffs

    Talking about the youWin, a friend named Monday got the grant back then in 2014 and he’s now established a rice farm, he’s earning his living from it

    I hopefully would get it this year, because as I type this now, I’m presently among the final 5000 merit winners for the grant currently undergoing the 3 days masterclass training on establishing our businesses which ends tomorrow

    Now, come down to the small empowerment. I have seen a lot of young chaps being trained on different trades and businesses, at the end of the training, they get to be equipped with tools to start up their businesses, including some little cash

    That’s youth empowerment, it is no scam. It’s just that our people feel that is too small. You just have to start small


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