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    According to it’s definition, Selfishness is putting your interest first before others’.

    BUT…. A Yoruba adage says ”Ti ina ba njo eni, to njo omo eni, t’ara eni laa koko gban” that is ”If you and your child are getting burned in a fire outbreak, you first quench the fire on you before attempting to quench your child”

    Isn’t it sane, To put yourself first before others?
    How can you treat other people’s interest when you don’t treat yours?

    How can you care for others if you don’t do so for yourself?

    You have to be knowledgeable first before you can pass knowledge to others.

    Or how can you be striving to help others when you haven’t spent a seconds helping yourself?

    OK let me ask this way…. To what extent can ”Self Care” be termed as selfishness!?

    Let’s comment.

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    Selfishness is what it is…


    We all at a point is guilty of this and who says it’s a crime

    Self is Self.

    You can only give what you have…

    You reflect yourself in others if you can shine bright enough…

    Self care cannot be overemphasized…

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    According to definition, selfishness is not bad especially with the emphasis on “first.”

    It only becomes bad after helping yourself first and refusing to help the other person.

    Like the example you gave, if ones fire isn’t quenched yet, their attempt to help the burning child might kill both of them because the burning man’s fire will just keep transferring to the child until it becomes too late.

    But act of selflessness should not be completely ignored. There are instances where the priority isn’t you first.
    A case of bodyguards or you versus a very good personality.

    Nonetheless, only the whole can truly make one whole.
    A sick doctor should save his life because only then would they be able to continue saving more lives of others.

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    No one is saying you have to leave yourself and attend to others so that people will not term you as being selfish
    Selfishness is when you want all to yourself and yourself alone
    You have gotten one,two,three in a condition where there are may be four or five items to share and you still want to get four or even five, when others have gotten none, this is ‘Selfishness’
    Another good example is… there is scarcity of water and there is a tank containing 15liters of water. You fetch 12liters and still want to collect the remaining 3 liters while others have not gotten even 1 liter, this is ‘Selfishness’

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    Volani E
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    It’s all about excesses.
    Firstly, It’s one thing to be selfish it’s another thing to have self love.
    You can’t love or try to help others without loving yourself first_ you can only give what you have, no wonder they would always say_’love your neighbor as you love yourself’.
    But loving yourself excessively to the extent that you don’t care about what happens to your next door neighbor or too concerned about what you will always gain in trying to help others, or probably you see your friend in need of a certain amount of money but your mind is centred on buying that shoe or bag that cost N10,000 while your friend only needs N2,000_that my brother is the pick of self centeredness.

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    I will go straight to answering using your own instance.

    To the extent when even after putting off the fire on yourself you go ahead to save the jewelry box for future adornment of yourself and leave your child on fire.That is ‘Selfishness’.

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    Selfishness means depriving people of what rightly belongs to them through cunning or unscrupulous act.
    Selfishness is bad because it can be detrimental to the other party.
    Selfishness we say is common among individual especially in politics where you see an individual converting the nation resources to personal resources where the masses wallow in poverty.
    It is also common to religious leader where they seems to get the goodies of life and they allow the poor and needy in church to wallow in hunger and poverty
    Why cant we be selfless rather than selfish?

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>To me personally selfishness is when you have yours and still look at the little someone has,  imagine you can afford something while having a bigger budget but still expect someone who has little to still buy it for you, what is that???  When you pay attention at what others do all the time,  you’ll definitely loose dat which You have, because you cannot be walking looking sideways or upwards and expect not to trip.</p>

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