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    Volani E
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    What are those values or things that defines you?_ I mean those things that are part of us now that we just can’t do without.
    We all try to live by many different values, but usually one of them stands out a little more than the others…
    Is your value love? selfishness? giving back? What value defines you?
    yes!what possesses you?

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    I have many values that defines me, but one value that defines me mos is giving respect to people.

    This is not pride, I respect people alot because I know it’s usefulness, that’s why I have less friends than is expected and everyone who I have as friend also give me the respect I deserve, once I noticed you are a person who doesn’t give respect to others I’ll hardly have somethin to do with you.

    Other value which defines me is ”giving to others who are in need”, I am so easy in having compassion on someone who doesn’t have or have less, but only when you ask, I can’t just walk up to give you something you are lacking, it’ll look as if am proud, but ask me and I’ll help you.

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    I have a few values that define me. One of the most important is constantly improving myself. I believe that being mentally healthy is vital to enduring physical abilities. When your mind is sharp, you operate at a level that can get close to the supernormal. Of course, therein lies a major vice I have. I am a bit impatient with banal discourse or having to explain myself where a little thinking or research would have prevented that.

    I think then that for every virtue there is a vice. There are always two sides to the coin. All the same, I wouldn’t give up that virtue for anything. It’s what keeps reality apart from fantasy.

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    The value that define me most is love,yes love because when you see me ,you see love. I do show love to all irrespective of whom you are,races or religion. And that love I have for people all generated to care,affection,giving or helping. I have affection for those in need and try to put a smile on their faces,I am unique in my own ways and try to leave a trace of good deed in whomever lives I have come across

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    I hope when I say God and my pursuit of Him, people won’t roll their eyes (this girl again), But my values and standards I’ve formed with Him at the center. My pursuit of Him has helped maintain my morality and goodness for others.

    I also value learning, growing daily and impacting the lives of others through what I have and know. Not settling for less when I can do/have more – just being my best at all times. In the process of learning I’ve come to accept that I don’t know it all. Funny enough, this attitude has made me even learn more than I know daily.

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    I am always trying to see how I can change the mind set of people who I come in contact with in life making them to see reasons why it is good to do things right. This is the value that mostly possesses me.

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