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    All my efforts and hustles to make good grades, graduate, marry good wife, make my own money and born beautiful kids with a happy home will be aborted and all my friends and family will cry and cry and cry with waves of goodbye and wish I rest in peace without knowing where am going to; whether heaven or hell.

    So All of those haters trying so hard to pull me down, paint me black and make me look like what I am not will flee and start hunting for another?

    Many will change their dp’s to mine with tears, many will say how nice I have been to them, those who had scintillating memories with me will write long stories telling the world about me…

    Those stingy ones who never gave me money before or surprised me with gifts will start donating cash, those who never picked or returned my calls, who never texted or replied my messages, who turned me down in one way or the other when I needed them, who were always busy and never had my time, who never thought it would happen so sudden will start telling lies of how much they valued and cared for me…

    Those who will claim relationship that never existed will turn up and take over the stage with all sorts of sweet stories and I can’t do anything because I am no more…

    My loved ones will want to pay the last respect, be ready to do anything just to bring me back if possible, Some will volunteer to pay for my casket, some will volunteer to dig the grave, some will volunteer to buy the drinks and cook the food for the burial while some will volunteer to rent the finest and latest cars, bring a long convoy with loud sirens to drive me home…

    BUT NOW THAT I AM STILL ALIVE, why wait till then before you show the world that you love me? ! What a world… Show love to those around you!!!! Especially when you… Have the opportunity to do so..

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    Nice article bro, it passes many messages. We shouldn’t wait to show kindness and love to others and we should always know the value of people when we have them around us not until we loose them. Thank you,

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    Humans will always be humans and expecting them to start being differently is like expecting the average Nigerian political party member to reject a bag of naira in bribe.

    I have lived my life caring for myself and those I can honestly afford to care for. I am immortal right now (a published author already accessed immortality, you know) and will continue to work to sustain it.

    Don’t wait for anyone to do things for you, don’t worry when those you do good to don’t show gratitude or fail to pay it forward. I believe we should all concentrate on adding what we can to our society and move on. As Don Williams sang, ‘We’re all gonna be who we’re meant to be. So what do you with good ole boys like me?’ In the case of this discourse, it is the society.

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    Everyone wants to fill his stomach, till it would contain no more. Forgetting that life is more than self satisfaction. It’s only a wicked man that takes self satisfaction as a life goal. The world would have been a bit, if not a lot better, if everyone would fill everyone the way he would fill himself.

    I sometimes wonder, why would those who lacks the heart of giving and helping wealthy in the society living those with a giver’s mind poor. Then I came to realise that it is only a matter of time before you know that those who loves giving when they have none would likely stop when they have more.

    So what do we do? Should we stop be kind? No, let us continue the kindness on our path, for we don’t know if we’re meant to save a soul that moment we extend a hand of giving to our neighbor. Let’s give, let’s help the helpless, let’s create a society of hope, a society where everyone has something to fill his stomach even we won’t be satisfied.

    Together we can make our society better by starting withourselves.

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    A life lived like a sandalwood incense , with guidance and support from a selfless guru , leaves behind a fragrance that spreads into the universe around it and remains alive …

    A body dies .. the soul and the memories remain

    I hope to be alive in happy memories. Of anyone who I have spent moments with. Of anyone who I have spoken or who hasn’t spoken to. Of the trees and the grass. Of the air I breathed in.

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    Man is willing but many hinders. Expectations kills faster than poison. Your buddies are the ones who stick around all time. The rest are Applauds.. Life is meaningful when you are given a reason to be loved. Do what you preach and watch others identify with you. So the seeds.

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