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    At any time we see only a very small part of the whole world. We see only our own garden, the book in front of us, maybe more often the screen in front of us, the person that does something we like, the same person that does something we don’t like. That is such an extremely small, minuscule part of the world. And even a much smaller fraction of the universe.
    The nice thing about the above thoughts, is that actually we can choose what to look at, at any time. We can even choose how to look at it (with an open mind, with an angry heart, from a distance, as a bystander, as a victim,….).
    If we become aware of this power to choose, our whole life may become a bit different. We do not need to be just undergoing what is happening, we can choose to observe it or not, to be involved in it or not, to like it or not. If we do not like it, we can choose to focus on something else. It sounds, easy. It is initially not easy. It requires some exercise.
    Our mind is actually under our control, we say: my mind, meaning the mind of me. That me, that I who owns the mind is not the mind. It is the higher self. If our mind refuses to let go of a negative thought, we can choose to think about something else and the mind has to release anyhow.

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    The mind is an essential part of a human system which needs to be guided and run positively. What ever character one display is as a result of the content of his mind. This is an insightful piece

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    Our mind is capable of achieving the possible and seemingly impossible. Our mind has so much power that it can push us to do good or evil. Yet with all it’s power, the human mind is a toddler. To become powerful, it must be regularly fed.

    Now that brings us to the sort of power the mind exerts. Don’t forget too that minds influence minds. Some minds are more powerful than others because of the conditions of birth and nourishment given to them. When a person is fed the right things from infancy especially in those formative years when children spent most of their time in the home, the foundation can be laid for a positively powerful mind. Sadly many parents are eager to ship their children away to creches, etc, thus leaving the moulding of their children’s minds to strangers whose personal values are unknown. My advice to parents is this: find away to monitor the formation of your child’s mind until he/she is old enough to take over.

    Those whose minds possess negative power were born the same way as those with positively powerful minds. The difference is in what the minds are fed with. Will it be strange to expect that a child who experienced sexual abuse but was made to see it as normal will not have second thoughts doing the same to a child when he becomes an adult?

    The power our mind exerts covers physical and mental capabilities. An athlete with a disciplined mind and well trained body will defeat those with equally trained bodies but lesser minds. Therefore we must train our minds at all times. Central to this training is meditation. If one meditates on the right things, the chances of having a positively powerful mind are very bright.

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    The mind is the cradle of good and evil alike.

    Positivity to humanity is the reason why some are genuinely frank to meet up with certain responsibilities. At same time some others failed to meet up with their responsibilities due to bad background and early cradle during the formative years.

    The office of being a parent(s) have been marked down with their Inability to create in the children the ability to differentiate who they are.

    It all starts with the Home developing the child, before the Teacher impacts external Knowledge.
    Early education is good but will make a child to have a vacuum mind about Norms. This is the same reason the average grade students succeed in life earlier before the students who performed excellently arrives in live. Although they will and have always questioned the validity of educational system.

    Average students see both the good and bad come from it and are more aware of the fact that there are several different modalities outside the recognized system to learn from. They see academia as only one approach to learning and hence automatically challenge the status quo.

    The approach begins with the Home before the community.

    Our Minds are great and good to go. Lack of parental guidance and counseling at early age has been the hampering agent against it’s development to greater life.

    Observation is the only best way of knowing what a child is up to at cradle. spoil the rod and spare the child.
    look out on their TV programs and whereabouts, before they Proceed to the larger society where they can be able to express themselves. differentiate between the good and the bad.

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    The power of thought. Your subconscious does not understand what is real or false. It is what we present to it that it will work with and amplify in our lives. So experts at it, who have become successful at it, actually play a trick on the mind to produce the result they want.

    One trick is not just to imagine yourself achieving what you want, which is the elementary stage but going out to experience things. For example, if you have the desire to be wealthy, try taking a drive or a walk in a very neighbourhood, inhaling the air, absorbing the environment with your senses. Go to a 5 Star hotel and asks to be shown the presidential suite and experience the luxury – don’t be in a hurry doing this. Go to a Bentley or Rolls Royce dealership and ask for a model you have done some research on beforehand. You’ll probably have to be in Lagos or Abuja to experience this, and sit in the car and enjoy the luxury. Make conversation about the car and imagine you owning it.

    You may want to doubt this things work but they do along but with other factors involved to assist your thought power.

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    The thought we feed into our minds is what the mind manifests
    You have the power to instill positive thoughts into your mind and vise versa.

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    And our mindfulness has a lot to do with the headways we make in life too. The more we feed our minds with positivity and “I can-do-it” thoughts, the more we’ll be able to leverage on our physical and mental strengths.

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