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    To me it is an ill wind that blows nobody good. This can be in the form of destruction, militancy, violent protest, muscle flexing. How can one be throwing stone inside the market, do you know who the stone will hit. It might even be your father, mother, brother, sister, or any of your relations. Please don’t ever partake in any violent act or even engage in acts that can lead to the eruption of violence.

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    Nice, this is a cool one. You are part of the change movement, so I enjoin you to take up the #NotanotherNigerian campaign in countering violent extremism

    It is currently a project I am working on right now. It is sponsored by USAID in rehabilitation of the North Eastern Nigeria that has been ravaged by violence and insurgency.

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    I clearly see your point and I buy it but when you don’t look for trouble but it some how finds you? Exactly how my tribe would say it “onye ekotehi ògòdò ya ekoteli ya.”
    (do forgive my poor fluency)

    I mean I understand the concept of not replying violence with more violence but what happens when such violence comes to me, threatening my life or ones I love?

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    Violence is never the last resort.

    Its aftermath is always full of regrets.

    I’ll always advocate for Peaceful negotiations rather than Violence.
    It has never solved any problem, it only wrecks more havoc.

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    That is why I don’t encourage reprisal attacks, yes self defence is essential and you can’t help it. but going as far as  a reprisal attack is strengthening the violence on hand, there would be more attacks because you are probably going to be killing more innocent people and thier friends and family would want to have revenge, defend yourself but avoid reprisal attacks..

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    A country music chorus goes:

    I promise you dad
    Not to do the things you’ve done
    Walk away from trouble when I can
    Now please don’t think I’m weak
    I didn’t turn the other cheek
    And pa I sure hope you understand
    Sometimes you’ve got to fight
    When you’re a man

    The point is that there are violent men and women and they are happiest when they are engaging in violence. These sorts of people will turn a ‘coward’ or very peaceful person into a warrior hell bent on drawing blood. My take is, as a man I will do whatever it takes to protect myself and the ones I love. It’s all right to turn the other cheek but violent men prevail when peaceful men look away.

    As for being peaceful, I love peaceful. Every right thinking man loves peaceful. Many men have been sent to jail or been awaiting trials for years because they allowed one moment of anger lead to violence and a life was lost. I will walk away from trouble when I can but I’m also prepared to defend my family in the case of say, a killer.

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