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    Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity.
    This is a simple statement with million meanings and teachings. Majority do not understand what this is all about, it simply means nothing last forever especially things on earth, it means we all will die one day and everything we’ve acquired here on earth will vanish with just a blink of an eye, it means when there’s life, there’s hope because no condition is permanent especially bad situations,
    So why bother yourself on earthly things, why worry yourself on little problems which won’t last forever, why give yourself unnecessary heart attacks because you think and worry about tomorrow. Vanity teaches a lot, it teaches us to be TRY to stay CALM in EVERY situation even in the toughest of it all. Try is capitalized because it isn’t easy to be calm in bad situations, but still, we have try our best to live longer. Vanity also teaches one to be at his best and proper behaviors at all time because no one knows the content of tomorrow. It tells us there’s no need for quarrels and malice, life’s too short for those scrap. So there’s no need boasting, no need to be proud, no need looking down on others because we all share one thing is common,DEATH.
    We all should have vanity in mind, it makes us prepared to face challenges, makes us prepared for the future and finally it makes us prepared for judgment.

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