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    Its no news that Unemployment is like a normal thing in our present day Nigeria, but amidst the chanting of Unemployment youths are the Architects of this.

    Graduates are suppose to create jobs for themselves even while they are waiting for the White collar jobs.
    Most Graduates complain of being broke, the complain of how they can not start up with small capital.

    During Nysc, i started home lesson for children. After Nysc i decided to start Home lesson for children, they pay 50naira each, i started with 6 children which later r
    grew to 20, 25 and it is still growing..
    So when people complain of being broke and Unemployed, i don’t really take such persons serious.

    Start up something today..
    Nothing is too small.

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    Very good advice @mayjovey, even though there is unemployment in the land there are still little little jobs one can create for himself or herself. Some of these works you don’t even need any capital to start.

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    I sometimes visit the airport and I like all the chatter around and funny enough, I work well in the midst of the noise. I have noticed a young male cleaner very hard at work on my few visits and I decided to have one of my talks with him (because I’m probably cursed with being interested in other people’s progress) and anyway, weeks later, he comes to talk to me.

    He tells me my words had him think deeply about his life and that he now believes he can do better and he wants to get a laptop soon from his savings and would like me to guide him on what to learn. I was impressed and told him I’d be happy to give him software, training videos and e-books when it’s time, after I understand what areas soughts.

    He now comes again, some minutes ago and talks of taking 2 days off from his job to face his the computer learning sessions. He’ll be left with 17k but he doesn’t mind, he’s looking to improve his life.

    This kind of person gets my attention and my assistance in whichever way possible. Conversely, I know someone who isn’t ready to continue with an office job that he could be getting about 50 to 80k, saying he wants his flexibility. Duh! Trust me, I often tell him off….especially when you find out that he doesn’t even have a qualification beyond secondary school.

    I think the mindset of an individual is important and the influencers around the person. For example, mayjovey, didn’t fold hands and do nothing but took advantage of the children around to coach them. I actually have heard of someone who started that way and overtime built a school, supported by the parents of some of the children. Who knows @mayjovey may soon get some sponsorship for her to have a school.

    Finally, I don’t like working alone – I prefer working with a few more people because I like brainstorming and just as a thought, @mayjovey you may want to get extra help along the way as you growing – staff or partner. Wishing you all the best!

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    Look very well at your environment there is something they don’t have that you can offer, you can’t always be at the mercy of a white collar job.white collar jobs are no longer secure anymore, banks most especially, releases workers even to the rank of bank managers. If you want to be waiting well what of those that they want to release? Think about that and get something doing.

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    You don’t wait on the government to feed you – they won’t

    As a graduate or not, I’m sure you have informations to use in other to start up something, you just don’t make use of it

    What have you done to help yourself?

    Are you just sitted waiting for when government will employ you?

    If you are, then you contribute to the unemployment level

    We have things like barbing

    Small scale farning

    Lessons for students etc

    No matter how small your income would be, stay in it

    Wait and be patient

    With hardwork and commitment, you stand a chance of being established

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    A very reasonable advise but the problem is that our education system at all levels don’t prepare graduates for self employment or independence.
    Vocational subjects are either scrapped off by policy or made less important (elective)…leaving students with applied subject which only program one to be nothing more than an employable robot.

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    Often the reason many people are unemployed is because they see certain jobs as too menial for them. Take farming for instance. A lot of youth are in Lagos wasting away when back in their village there are plots of land lying fallow. The way farming is now, you don’t even have to hold a cutlass or a how. What you need is to familiarise yourself with the farming process and you can start small. Even here in a village I know someone whose father left a parcel of land and he promptly sold it. He used the money to buy an okada but because he is lazy, sold the okada less than a year after. The same person will also abuse the government for not creating jobs.

    I told my sister today that university education doesn’t just mean you graduate and start looking for a job. It means you can bring the wealth of knowledge you have acquired into starting and running your own business. When you created a job for yourself, you are potentially creating a job for others. When you create a job for yourself, you free up space for someone who is not as talented or knowledgeable as you to take up that job. Do not be the reason that another person is unemployed.

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