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    these things have brought positive changes no doubts but the negative influences they have on our youths and kids is disastrous..
    few examples are drug abuses, pornography e.t.c
    more harm than right I think
    but how can we correct this?

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    Although it has it’s own benefits, Internet has made everything easy and worsen the issue, you don’t need to have a TV before you get access to pornographic movies now. All you need is a phone with internet access, just subscribe and you’re good to go.

    What kind of kid would see an advert of a beautiful lady in bikini at the right side corner of the page he is surfing wouldn’t make an attempt to click it? And after clicking such ad, it’ll simply redirect the kind to the pornsite, from their he’ll watch it, save the page, he later discovered the website is stale, he went straight to Google and search for more pornsites, from their he becomes a regular porn addict.

    The ”are you 18 , if yes click to proceed” is rubbish, either 18 or 12- would still click yes and watch whatever they want to.

    The solution I think can lower if not eradicate it are:

    – Reduce the rate at which our kids use phone and computers with internet access, if at all they want to have a phone, a Nokia torch should be a start.

    – Parents should stop watching romantic movies in the presence of their kids as this also prompt sexual urges.

    – Website Ads of porn site should be eradicated, this is really too much, i barely surf the net nowadays without seeing an ad about sex games/sites.

    – Google is widely used by everybody, I think it (google) should try and reduces erotic site links from their search engines

    – Even all this said Porn stars do create pages/profile on social media, I think erotic post should be stopped from social media too.

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    @adebulu, why do you think that romantic movies prompt sexual urges?

    I don’t see the connection between the two.

    It’s funny that when the effect of TV is brought up, not many people talk about the many TV shows that show violence and war.

    I would rather have people watching romantic movies that show love between two people than watching violent films that depict people killing people.

    Nobody ever

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    Whether violence or romance, movies should not be judged by genre but content.

    I have seen romantic movies with soft porns and war films with too much violence. I have also seen them both with remarkable storylines therefore indirectly pitching one over the other is not a balanced judgement.

    The issue of not exposing the kids to as many of these concepts would seem effective at first but very detrimental on the long run.
    Taking their phones or giving them Nokia torchlights just to prevent them from watching porn doesn’t mean there are no other alternatives they could explore and finally get expose to doing that same thing you dread.
    Neither doesn’t a ban on TV prevent them from hearing about erotic programmes from other source.

    The major step in tackling this menace is a psychological one. As a parent or guardian, appeal to their emotions by letting them know you are aware of it as a challenge and not an abomination. Don’t stigmatize them as if only aliens become such addict rather sympathize with them.

    If there are experiences you witnessed or had on the same or related issue, share such with them emphasizing on the negative impacts.

    Offer to help them through it rather than commanding and ceasing their stuffs.

    Proffer alternatives that could work as an effective distraction from such habit.
    Good alternatives can be gotten from their hobbies.
    E.g. if they love football, expose them to many football sites, pages, groups for clips of goals, saves and
    misses…anything at all under that passion that would hold their interest.
    If they fancy games, buy them the newest edition of their favorite one and if time permits even play it with them occasionally…all these to show your support which they would always appreciate and prolly work harder to not let your efforts be in vain.

    Don’t hasten the process.
    A saying confirmed that old habits don’t die especially bad ones but can sure be suppressed with time.
    Don’t expect a turnaround overnight rather with time they should be the one to come to you and testify their improvement.

    Make sure to appraise their own efforts too.

    The concept of pollution fro. the media is literally in the air so overprotecting them will be “choking” and might break the kids.

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    Most of the things I know today is as a result of what I learnt on TV or social media.

    It has its own advantages as well as disadvantages…

    For children however,  I’ll advice parents to  Censor what their kids have access to on TV,  while on social media,  a child should get to a sizeable age before they should be given sophisticated gadgets.

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