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    There was once a one-year old boy, He was playing with a knife as a toy. He was having a real great time, how nicely did his lovely knife shine.
    Then came the father, got the surprise of his life. As fast as he could, he took away the dangerous knife. The boy felt treated unfairly and started to cry. His pleasure ended abruptly, he didn’t know why.
    His tiny mind was not developed enough to understand that it was his father’s love that was the reason why the knife was taken away. No way he’d understand what happened that day.
    It is also impossible for any of us to understand the why of a tsunami or sudden death of a friend. We can go as deep as we can, we can try but we never will reach the true answer to why.
    Just our human mind’s capacity is far too small for us to understand the ultimate reason of all.
    I believe a supreme reason exists for everything, sometimes we just have to accept what is happening…

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    Femi Onileagbon

    As a kid, I was very good at table tennis. The older boys in my neighbourhood would take me from one street to another to play against others, placing bets on me. I won them a lot of money and they bought things for me. Once one of them was threw away a cigarette stub. I picked it up and put it to my lips. The knock another gave me is still a sharp memory. they threatened to beat me if they saw me with a cigarette.

    Some weeks later, I carefully gathered the stubs of cigarettes they smoked and hid myself in our bathroom. The smell must have alerted my mum. I got a sound beating from my mum. A few hours later, my aunt showed me a packet and asked me to read what was on it. She asked if I wanted to die young. Patiently she explained why I was beaten, why I should not smoke, etc. After that, I never touched a stick of cigarette. I wouldn’t go on errands to buy it nor use my money to buy for anyone.

    My point is this, if the older boys had taken time out to tell me why I was given a knock and why I must not smoke a cigarette, I wouldn’t have had a serious beaten nor served a punishment of ‘ride a bicycle’ for an hour.

    Linked to the thread, one must never assume that a child is too young to understand an adult’s action or reaction or events happening around him. In the same vein, it is mystifying why we are all too happy to give into some mysterious power at play when something happens. It is not out of place for human to understand supreme reasons for things, and we do not have to ‘just accept what is happening.’

    Humanity’s refusal to accept sickness, ageing, and death and work at finding solutions accounts for medical and technological breakthroughs. These breakthroughs of course started from philosophy and man’s attempt to understand the whys and whats of his existence.

    I lost my older brother to Lekki Beach in 1997 and someone said we could not understand God’s reason for taking him. I disagreed. We could understand if He told us why. If it was his grand plan for my brother to die a horrible death -drowned at sea and parts of his body eaten by fish, I needed to know. I still do. The reason I still believe in God is that there is no supreme reason for this disasters. There is no grand plan for tsunamis, road accidents, etc, and we must stop attributing all phenomenon to a round table of a god and angels who sit above and decided who dies, how, when and where they die. If there truly is, then there is nothing loving or kind about that.

    So it will be great to know the why of things. It helps to deal with loss more. We are not weaker for having knowledge. It helps us to make informed decisions about how to live or not live.

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    Everything that happens in life has a particular reason and purpose. It might occur according to our plans and most time, it goes contrary to it. We are happy when it goes well according to our plan, and when it seems not to, we ask WHY.

    When I was a little boy, I always asked myself why I was born in Nigeria, why not on beautiful countries like the USA, england, Germany etc, little did I know there was a reason for my existence as a Nigerian. My country might not be the best place in the world, but it has taught me a lot of things which I’m not sure I’ll learn in any other country. So instead of wasting time on asking why, we should learn to move on and take life the way it is, in every experience we come across, we should learn something from it

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