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    I don’t know if I’m the only one this story in a primary school textbook when I was still teaching some years back.

    The story goes thus;

    It was some anniversary in a kingdom so the king commanded his subject to come with a cup of palm wine each to be poured into a very big basin which will amount to enough that would be used for the entire ceremony.

    The subjects all saw it as a nice idea but when they got home, each of them developed this thought that a single cup of water won’t be noticed in such a basin of palm wine and so, on the D-day, one by one they started pouring their cups into the basin.

    Soon, it was time to celebrate only for the king to take the first sip and spat out.
    Lo, and behold, the entire basin was all water and no palm wine.

    Basically, each subject must have thought the same thing that their own cup of water won’t be noticed in much palm wine and they all ended up bringing water with none of them bringing palm wine.

    The power of one.

    There are things we do with the mindset that since we are the only one, the effect would go unnoticed but alas! every other person too is thinking the exact same thing and the result becomes too loud.

    Why not just play your own part?
    According to the story, a single cup of palm wine would have taken nothing away from their kegs at home but they each one of them just decided to be smarter than their king.

    Only if every one of us will always have the mentality of sticking to their duties and roles…too many cook won’t actually spoil the broth.

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    I remember this story! Very funny but a lot to be learnt from it. Just like the saying, a single drop of water makes a mighty ocean. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Those little efforts may seem insignificant but added altogether amounts to a great effort and yields exceeding results.

    If we all do our parts as we should, the world would indeed be a better place. Thanks for sharing.

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    Some people fail to be “the one” because of what others might say, they just want to follow the multitude.

    Play your part, their opinion doesn’t matter.

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    Beautiful story,  but I’ll look at it from another angle..

    While some persons make genuine effort to make things work others deliberately do their bit to jeopardize the efforts of others.

    Everyone in that story may not have brought a cup of water  …

    There are those who would have genuinely brought the wine…

    But then,  a glass of wine has got nothing on 10 or more cups of water thereby rendering the taste useless.

    There are people who do their bits but are unfortunate because of others with bad motive.

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    That is a very nice perspective to look at it from.

    Of course, some people ma have brought actually palm wines but which got mixed up in the water and became insignificant.

    Same with those whose honest effort becomes drowned in the collective disobedience of others.

    What then should they do?

    The power of one is emphasizing the result of 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1…which collectively makes a very significant outcome.
    But in a case of rogues that diminishes the efforts of one or the few honest one(s), the affected individuals shouldn’t be discouraged because if there is one thing I’ve learnt from living is that it’s easier with a clear conscience.

    Knowing with all certainty that you didn’t contribute to a disaster is way better than living with the fact of not being the only one that caused such disaster.
    The former has no feeling of guilt whatsoever unlike the latter who might find it hard to sleep at night.

    Aside a clear conscience, the one or few honest individual(s) also play the role model, an example worth emulating and its only a matter of time before he/she/they get imitated by majority and record a drastic turnaround for good.

    The bottom line is to not be discouraged from playing your part because others are not.
    The benefits are first you enjoy a flawless conscience while influencing some to a change and with time, the power of one will be made manifest again but in a positive form.

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    “Who do you think you are? Many people have tried and failed, do you think you will be the one to change everything?”  That’s the negative criticism and discouraging words you receive from people when you feel you wanna make a difference. But that shouldn’t weigh you down, just do you.

    Don’t feel your effort is little, don’t feel your effort will go unnoticed. Don’t say you are single, you can’t make a difference in changing the world. If everyone would do just as you think, the world would be as deadly as hell today.

    If each single person from the billions of people in the world would do just one good thing, imagine how great the world would be. So bro/sister, no good deeds go unnoticed, so also the bad. Just play your part and be honest to yourself

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    I swear those discouraging words can slaughter spirit but what I say to myself or to them is that I definitely can not change everything but I can change something no matter how insignificant.

    Another of my intrinsic motivation is that the world might seem to be against you on that particular good stand but there will always be that one person that secretly admires that your personality and prays you don’t compromise on the way so he/she can be confident that good habits still exist and they could emulate you.

    Your role is to not let them down.

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