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    I am of the opinion that patients’ right over his/her body overrides all medical technology and therefore every thing concerning his/her body should be revealed to him/her
    The proper knowledge of the illness that is disturbing somebody may facilitate his/her quick recovery, as he will see the need to conduct himself according to the doctor’s prescription and his condition
    When someone is sick, and is not told what he is suffering from and he does not know makes that person to be disturbed. He wonders if he has been poisoned or thinks if there is no remedy to his or her sickness and the psychological disturbance may worsen the condition.

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    Is it even legal for a doctor to withhold such information about a person’s health from them? To what end exactly? Does this even happen? Because it would be ridiculous. If I go to a doctor for diagnosis and he withholds it from me how can I pay him? Or does the doctor want to use the person as test-case or what?

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