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    The Nigeria currency has denominations ranging from N5, N10, N20, N50, N100, N200, N500 and the almighty N1000 note.
    This N1000 is the highest denomination in the Nigerian currency
    I choose to call it ‘almighty N1000’ because of what and what problems it is supposed to be able to solve for the person in possession of it
    But to one’s dismay, this highest currency note of the land can barely solve a little problem if at all it can even solve any
    Once you spend N50 out of the so aclaimed ‘almighty N1000’, the money is gone
    Watch out how it flies and disappears into the thin air and you will be left with nothing
    What a country… What a currency????

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    The N1000 note sounds much when mentioned but has no value whatsoever

    When you enter into the market with it you will confirm what I am saying

    You will hardly buy anything with it

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