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    Many lives are expended almost entirely devoted to the pursuit of increasing material wealth, or the pursuit of enjoying as many material experiences as possible, either simply because the individual has no greater life purpose, or because it is hoped that through these temporary means he may attain lasting contentment, freedom from difficulty, and ultimately – happiness. But however much man may strive to attain peace of heart and happiness through the accumulation of material possessions, or material experiences, he will find that this lasting contentment he seeks will continually elude him, and that at best, even with extraordinary wealth and material opportunity he will not be able to attain the ease and peace of mind of a house cat, or a cow that grazes on the hillside, carefree, and contented.
    Yet this is what many of us set for ourselves as the ultimate goal of our existence, expending our precious hours and moments as “seekers after this life”, when all the while we are getting closer to leaving this life.

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    Well I can say no one can predict the future,and what ever way you can make yourself to be happy while still alife you do it,world is not a birds of roses

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    That’s the irony of life. To the wise and the shrewd ones, this is just like a reminder. Good post dear.

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    All are vanity to be precise. Life seems to have meaning and fulfilled when one pays a price for the beautiful ones to come.

    Materialism can only cover the body, make luxury and merriment. A sacrifice/price paid on behalf of another person is the best thing that can make life meaningful.
    God bless your insight, sufficiently.

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    Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. I’ve learnt to do my best and live the rest to the Almighty and putting God and family first before materialism and love for money. Thank you very much

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    @aezolase well you’re right but then not everyone that spends most of their time chasing wealth and finally get it lives restlessly. Some people actually get to enjoy their wealth with peace of mind because they didn’t engage in evil to get rich. They just use their brain to it’s full potential and try to not blame others when they fail at something rather they try again with a different strategy. Only evil doers end up not enjoying their lives. People speak of wealth like it’s a bad thing and being poor is good.

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    What else is the goal of going to the university, enduring strike actions or learning a trade/craft and enduring great difficulties if not the acquisition of material things. Will you refuse to use a remote for your TV if you remember that the people who invented the remote were funded by people whose solitary aim is material acquisition.

    Materialism in itself is not bad. Religion gives us the impression that it is and that is sad. The softer easier life we enjoy now is built on the backs of materialism and capitalism. That we even have access to the internet and certain apps is because many pursue wealth. Where there is a problem is when one closes his/her eyes to all the good such wealth can do.

    Wealth actually brings comfort and happiness. Ask any man who has ever had to borrow money from the 17-27 of each month whether he is comfortable or happy and he will tell you tales that will make you cringe. I love travelling and will like to travel around the world many times over, experiencing different cultures, meals, lifestyles and so on. I think I will enjoy it more if I have my own private jet than flying commercial airlines.

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    Ofcourse, the concept of materialism is not bad but the obsession is. A once poor man, now rich man would never want to go poor again and will do whatever’s within and even beyond his power to maintain that rich status. What say ye?

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    If I may ask what amounts to been materialistic, but let’s just say I borrow from the American Constitution the pursuit of happiness should be everyone’s goals if those things comes from things I there say go for it , but don’t impede on another man’s happeness to get yours life has taught me and history that getting more doesn’t make u happy infact just get sucked into the rat race and guess what if u win you still a rat

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