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    Femi Onileagbon
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    Both players both rejected direct invitations to play for the Suoer Eagles and both have been used briefly and dropped by the English national teams in friendlies. they can still play for Nigeria but do you think they should be given second chances?

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    If they weren’t faithful initially, what makes you think they will be this time around? Maybe they might, because Nigeria is playing in the world Cup and they are not.

    But if it was up to me to make that decision, then they shouldn’t be called up.

    We have talented guys that can play such roles. This is Nigeria


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    Nigeria has always been a second choice to her foreign based players.

    It can’t be their fault but the way we treat our sports.

    Nothing is there to forgive, if they changed their minds, we should gracefully accept them except in a case of insubordination but otherwise, the effect of their experience and expose in our international matches can not be overemphasized.

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    Yes I think they should be given second chances if they have accepted to play for the super eagles now. What we need now are people that will make us go far.

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