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    The strong politician presents his own ideas with confidence
    The weak one tries to find fault with his opponents

    The strong business man presents what he wants to sell
    The weak one breaks down the competition, you can tell

    The strong scholar presents the ideology he believes in well
    The weak one wishes other-thinking people to hell

    The strong politician knows that races do not matter
    The weak one tries to get votes by condemning others

    The strong business man knows his prices are fair
    The weak one feels the need to compare

    The strong scholar gains popularity preaching all-encompassing love
    The weak one tries to look strong preaching hatred and being tough

    Anyone who is strong, will focus on love and togetherness, they try to learn more still, respecting differences

    The weak ones will try to elevate the image of their own by focusing on division and hatred and putting others down.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Nice write up brother, like you hit the nail in the head. The differences is clearly and truthfully stated. I learnt something new today</p>

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    @ikenna, thank you, I’m glad you did learn something. This isn’t just a competition, It is worth more..I hope we get to implement what we have learnt on this platform into practice

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    Strength and weakness beautifully outlined. Without meaning to sound arrogant, I have to acknowledge that I always walk away from an argument or discussion when the focus is more on the person rather than the points being made. It doesn’t matter to me whether I am a participant or an observer. Sadly that is what a lot of people do.

    The three spheres where such shallow mindedness comes into place are politics, religion and tribal issues.

    In politics, you stand the chance of getting stabbed or beaten up if you question the activities of a sitting political leader or challenge the capacity/ability of someone running for a political office.

    If you ask questions about the lifestyle or teachings of religious leader, you get a lot of ‘touch not my anointed’ and sometimes curses, even from those who claim to be Christian and born again. A case in point are reactions of folks to Daddy Freeze’s challenge of tithing in the church.

    And tribal issues? That is as hot as ‘hell fire!’ Many are quick to reduce everything to tribal separations. Rather than look at each case on it’s own merit, they claim one is being favoured or punished by the ‘ogas at the top’ because of tribal affinity or a lack of it. It always amuses me when I attend some literary gatherings and there is a heated argument over why Achebe didn’t get the Nobel laureate while Soyinka got it. A former chairman of a literary group once claimed, at a memorial for Chinua Achebe, that Achebe did not get it because he was Igbo and stood on the side of Biafra during the civil war. I had to ask him why Wole Soyinka was sentenced to prison during the same war and if Soyinka was Igbo.

    Strength of character is shown if, in whatever position of authority we find ourselves (teacher, political leader, employer, religious leader, etc), we rise above the inclination to blame others, cut corners, attack persons instead of point they raise, preach hate and tribal intolerance, and so on. And I wish, somehow, that the following words I find touching in Aezolae’s post will find their way into our national consciousness:

    ‘Anyone who is strong, will focus on love and togetherness, they try to learn more still, respecting differences

    The weak ones will try to elevate the image of their own by focusing on division and hatred and putting others down.’

    If they do, we may finally find that our feet are on the road to having a nation, not just a country.

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