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    At Filtered Thoughts, we not only want to encourage people to post their interesting thoughts, but we also want to encourage interesting dialogue between people.

    To this end, we have a special prize for the person who creates the threads with the most posts that have points given to them.

    Currently, the prize is 15,000 naira, but we are going to double this to 30,000 naira.

    However, the requirement is now that before a person who started a thread can be given points for this prize, the thread must contain at least five posts that are judged by the Reviewers to be interesting.

    This means that if you wish to win this prize, you should not only start a thread, but actively encourage people to take part in the thread. You can do this by:

    – Ensuring that the topic of the thread is as interesting as possible;

    – Sharing the link of the thread as widely as possible, through social media and other means;

    – Engaging in the thread and asking the participants interesting questions to keep the debate going.

    If you have any questions about this, please post them in the ‘Site Matters’ section.

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