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    Before you conclude on taking your life, think of those people (no matter how few) that genuinely care about you.

    Yes, they exist.

    No matter how black the world around you may seem, picture those people with even the faintest of light in your life that actually would love to see you live just one more day…and then you’d notice how selfish it is to just pack up and leave just like that.

    Selfish in the sense that, once you die, no more worry about worries for you and isn’t that what you yearn for?
    But what of those that sincerely cared about you whom you’d be leaving so heart broken?

    I know it seems like why should you care about them when the problem is about you alone? Yes, but it is just fair to give them a chance to atleast attempt to help rather than opting out all on your own.

    All I’m saying is, find that one person that really care about your existence and share your suicidal thoughts with them and I’m sure they’d provide redemption but if they begin to not give an eff,..then it would be okay to go on as planned.

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    No one in life has no person that cares at least a bit. No one in life will die without having someone it will pain
    When you are alive you might feel that nobody cares
    If you share your suicidal thoughts, be assured that you are not going to go ahead with it since there must be one or two persons that your life matters to that will talk you out of it.

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    It could be difficult finding that one person in a world that has gotten so busy.  We all keep saying fond that one person who cares but how many of us are available? Do we genuinely check up on our friends and know for real how they’re doing? Do we listen when they pour their hearts out or we don’t want to be bothered? Do we nudge them to speak up when they’re bothered? I think so much social media has taken up a lot of people time and attention away from their loved one.

    While we urge people to speak our, let’s also learn to listen to them and check up on them. Some of these people are scared of being laughed at or called sadists. Help them relax and be more comfortable confiding in you. This world would be much better when we all show more kindness to each other.

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