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    To shape the substance of your writing is the same as “Outlining” which helps you predict the outcome of your writing. It’s like the bones that need to be covered with flesh. It’s not a sacrosanct process as you may adjust it as you do the actual writing.

    It’s also advised that you structure your ideas and facts in such a way that it starts from Main Topic (primary rank of importance) to the Major Detail(s) or Main Sub-topic(s) (secondary rank of importance) to the Other Sub-topics (tertiary rank of importance).

    Now, let’s prepare a hypothetical outline for an essay on this theme: Causes and Effects of Conflicts in the Nigerian Health Institutions (based on the above structure).

    a). Main Topic: This should be an interesting one that stimulates the readers’ interest e.g “Ideologies and Conflicts in the Nigerian Health Institutions – the Interplay between Natives and Foreigners.”

    b). Major details to support the topic should include the definition of all the key concepts of the essay e.g ideologies/beliefs, conflict, unity, segregation e.t.c as well as a brief description of some well-known theories in the sociology of conflict such as that of Pondy, Pruitt, Maxwell and co. In the case of a research work, the major details here usually translate to the ‘Background of the Study” (where you discuss all the variables in the study and shed light on the problems and its nature).

    c). Minor details to support the above could include references to past disputes in the Nigerian health institutional settings; working relationships between natives and foreigners as well as other cross-cultural studies that revealed foreigners having primary bonds with co-nationals.

    ~ Culled from Shanks Konsult‘s page.


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    @shanks: Thank you for that educative post.

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    Writing as easy as it seems actually involves some technicalities as it’s a systematic process. This is especially the case when it’s academic in nature.

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    Also, use of paragraphs and spacing helps to make a write-up easier to read. When it is too clogged up together, it becomes tiring to the eyes.

    Points should be outlined in paragraph. There should also be a closing remark to always round up your writing. And spellings and meaning should be of utmost importance. Where you’re not sure of a particular spelling/meaning of a word, check your dictionary or use another word in its place.

    Writing gets better with practice. The more you write and read, the better you get at writing.

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    @shanks thanks so much for this.
    In as much as I love writing, I don’t have the patience to arrange my writing sometimes as I just pen down what comes to mind and how it comes to mind…
    Sometimes, I start from bottom to top.
    The ideas comes in their scattered form at times.

    But, will it still be okay to arrange them like with this format, but from bottom to top?

    Like starting with minor details then major, then definition of the concept and so on and so forth?

    I’ll give an example.
    In Playwriting there’s what we call MEDIARESS. This is a method of writing where the writer starts from the Middle then goes back to the Beginning and then to the end of the play OR the writer starts from the Middle, goes to the end and then takes you to the beginning. It depends on the progression the writer chooses to follow.

    However, this may be an exception as some writers know how to make their thoughts flow without unnecessary diversions and intrusions.

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    @shanks I want to add that some ‘Write Ups’ start with the ending part of the story first, then moves to the middle and now end up with the beginning just to put the reader in suspense while some ‘Write Ups’ start with the middle part of the story, then the beginning and finally the last part
    Which ever format depends on the writer and his motive.

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    @chijann: Yes, the format also depends on the motive of the writer (especially in creative writing). However, the above post applies to more of research paper/academic project writing.

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