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    I am dating a lady presently who I love truly…it’s a fresh relationship,let’s say 5mnths…hv spent on this lady…but any time she comes to my place..wen I ask ha for Sex she be like leave me alone…so my question is that is  it possible to be in a relationship that there is no sex?

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    It is very possible to have a relationship without sex. I don’t really understand why most guys rush into the sex stage with a lot of STD’s everywhere. In this case now you don’t even know if she’s saying “leave me alone” because she has HIV I’m sure you guys haven’t done tests for STD’s yet that’s supposed to be something you both do before thinking about sex.

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    I don’t have a problem with sex in a relationship. The presence or absence depends on the couple and what their motive is. Some relationships are purely sexual, some platonic, some serious but minus sex and others a mix.

    The first question I will ask Bamz is, ‘Do you equate love with sex or think sex is a way for a girl to show she loves you and appreciate what you’re doing for her?’ I have a feeling that that is your thought. Sorry to burst your bubble, bro but you don’t truly love the girl. If you did, one of your expressions shouldn’t have been, ‘…hv spent on this lady….’ Why not simply tell her that you want sex in exchange for what you give her or patronise someone who will give you it to you in exchange for material things?

    If the girl decides to give herself to you, it will be her decision. Not every lady will have sex before marriage and not every lady will wait for you to ask before initiating it. It’s early days yet. I suggest you make up your mind. You want the girl or you want the sex? Decide now. If you settle for the girl, be patient for sooner or later you’ll get the sex. If you want the sex, tell her that’s what you want. If she stays good and if she chooses to walk, good health to you.

    And yes, about the comment on avoiding sex because of sexually transmitted diseases. I think there is something called condom. Last time I checked, it is still relatively safe to use them provided you use them the right way (Google it). There are male and female condoms.

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    A lot of teens these days are taking something called the “purity pledge,” wherein they vow not to have sex until they get married. Hey, I’m all for people putting off sex until they’re adults and can handle the ramifications. Because even with safe sex, sex comes with responsibilities. It does tend to emotionally bond you to someone, and that can mean getting emotionally attached to the wrong person. Once sex enters the equation, a relationship is never the same.

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    Sex is a bigger commitment. It’s a communion. It a vow above all vows. This is why jealousy comes in.

    What if you get committed to the wrong person.

    STD’s everywhere and Uncared for.

    Relationship can last for long without sex.

    You can also go further and ask her why she said no. Who knows who saving whom?


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    To be honest, relationships nowadays will always involve sex, why? because of the increased idleness and more lonely times together.
    So, either in or out of a relationship I neither condemn nor condone as the case maybe but it must definitely be with the consent of both parties otherwise its a rape.
    Long as she is really said NO, its up to you to ask her why. Hear her philosophy and if it goes down well with you then no big deal but if it doesn’t… move on.

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    The right question you should be asking bro is “why i’m I in that relationship?” Truth is alot of folks dont define the terms of a relationship before they venture into one, and thats why they rush out the way they rush in. Are you with her cos you wanna sleep with her someday or you wanna make an honest woman of her? Some times though, its the way you met her that defines your relationship. For example; you met her at a club and then you guys start dating and she begins to pull that “i don’t wanna have sex” game come on sister, you decided to play in the den of lions and now you think you cant be devoured, lol life doesn’t work that way. Law of attraction states that you attract what you put out. The world revolves in a circle. so Please lets state our priorities before we go into a new relationship and reduce the problems we have in the nation. Thanks

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    It is possible very possible…there’s no need of me posting a paragraph of how impossible it is when you know the answer to it.

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    Are we been real here , let’s all dismantle our religious toga and say it as it is sex in. Relationship especially in urban areas is a fact we can’t run from , for reasons too limitless to write for the median marriage age has gone up so we telling folks to wait till mid thirties to get married hmmmm rumour has it that sex has other medical benefits to both sexes , we where built to be sexual active from sixteen for a medical and biological reason  i respect celibacy on religious grounds but as a rule if a lady finds it awkward been free with you physically then I take it she is not feeling you physically  which is also an important ingredient for long term marital bliss

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    It depends on the reasons for the relationship. If you’re in a relationship for sex alone, it’s going no where. A relationship should be built in true love, patience and commitment, then sex can come when the time is right

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