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    Sand excavation is a means of livelihood to some people. I am not in any way trying to talk about the banning of sand excavation. What I am advocating is for the government to map out designated areas where these excavators can carry out their business.
    Excavating sand, be it sharp sand or red mud can cause erosion menace. This erosion can turn to gully in nature and sink houses close to the illegal excavation sites.

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    Some times this cycle is funny. You dig up an area to get sand and build houses, then when erosion happens those houses would start falling, and erosion can be so bad to the extent of consuming almost an area. There should be reserves far from presidential settlements where construction companies should go and excavate we should be very careful the kind of dangers we cause ourselves sometimes.researchers have also warned that erosion is one of the causes of shallow earthquakes, let’s not be the architects of our downfall, the government should do something about it..

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    The popular style in my area is some caterpillar pretending to be digging up gutters in the streets and selling out the sands to Tippers, leaving the “jaga jaga” gutter line at the mercy of running water that gradually collapse the edges therefore widening the hole towards foundation of houses nearby…posing a serious threat to the structure.

    I don’t know if these acts are approved by whichever arm of the government but its freaking risky on not even long but short run…at most two rainy seasons and nearby houses are surrendering.

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    I think the issue of excavating sand is one that falls under the purview of the ministry of environment. Excavators have specific guidelines which are meant to prevent cases of erosion and landscape weakening. Sadly, as is the case with many other things such as logging, many have found a way to bypass the guidelines. In connivance with officers meant to enforce those guidelines, the excavators dig where they are not supposed to or beyond the level allowed. the result is what we see -massive erosion that affect the layout of lands.

    If you travel along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway and through Kogi/Ondo, etc, you will see some excavators at work. These one are complying with the ministry’s guidelines. The others mostly work very early in the morning or late evening to avoid the eyes of the law. We have the right to effect citizen’s arrest when we witness damaging excavations or report to the ministry of environment. There are still some good people who value the environment and human lives more than money.

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    These excavators just don’t do it unnoticed

    Do you what sanctions attracts illegal excavation?

    These guys partner with the government and as such carry on with the excavation process

    One thing I’m certain about is the fact that you don’t just see them in town. They do their work mostly at the outskirts. Although it has effects on the soil, the direct effect is minimal on areas within a metropolitan area

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