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    The philosophy of women being equal to men holds no water
    I strongly feel that women are making a great mistake by thinking they are equal to men
    Well may be they are just pretending.
    They are quite superior and they have always been. I mean the ‘women’ are quite superior and they have always been.
    Whatever you give to a woman, she will make it greater.
    If you give her sperm, she will give you a baby. If you give her a house, she will give you a home. If you give her groceries, she gives you a meal. Give her a smile, she offers her heart
    She is always multiplying and enlarging what is given to her
    If you ever try to give her any crap, she gives a full ton of shit to you too

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    That’s not all. They also show their superiority over men in other certain conditions
    Have you noticed that a wife and husband goes to work…office work or farm work, after the work,the two come back very hungry, the wife/woman goes into the kitchen preparing meal they will eat while the husband relaxes out of tiredness

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    True all you said.  I have observed that too. Most times women don’t know how specially created they are.

    But I believe the equality some women are fighting for is in terms of fairness in treatment at work place. Their qualifications speaking first for them before their gender. Some women are not appointed as supervisors because if their gender. They’re seeking to be recognized for their work and effort as men are, especially in the Arab countries.

    Although I think it is an over-flogged issue because this is already happening in most part of the world.

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    Is true women are not equal to men, but being superior, that I can’t agree,  for the fact that the do alot,  their efforts can’t be overlooked. Everything about women starts with a man,  without a man,  there is no woman even if we’ll go Biblically , she cannot conceive without the man, neither can she be call a woman without first being married to a man.  Tell me,  if they are superior,  tell me when it comes to danger,  who will be asked to go first???  Who is to protect the other???  You cannot be superior and only choose one part of life and neglect the other,  no food in the house,  who is to be blamed?? .  No fees,  no hospital bills, who is to be blamed???  Certainly there efforts cannot be overlooked but so is the greater responsibilities resting on the shoulders of men be questioned let alone be considered inferior,  because in a life and death situation,  the husband is expected to give his life to save his family not the wife,  who is superior now???

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