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    I was born and breed in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and I have lived all my lives in there, except for not more than 36 months I have lived outside the region.  I lived to see tension and serenity with this region.

    This tension is not new to all and sundry. They say it is a fight for development of the region.  They say it is a fight to elevate the suffering of a region that drives the nations’ economy. They say it is a fight to clean up the oil stained/ contaminated soil and waters. They say it a fight for everything Niger delta.

    I was opportune to find myself in the creeks of Niger delta where I was spend the 5/6 years of my life but for providence, and then I knew that there Niger Delta and there is Niger delta (the ones without voice). Far away from world, there are people who live practically on water, they access to virtually nothing. There primary, secondary tertiary source of livelihood is fishing.  There are also islands to where people live and they pray let the water not over flow its bank. These places are where crude oil is drilled.  That is the Niger delta without voice. Things happen there.

    You will see the black gold you and see how a blessing feast to detriment of a people. This is a reality they live in and they have come to accept. Live on the island is expensive.

    Visit these places and your mind will never cease to ponder on everything. You will feel a mixture of anger and anxiety. The major question becomes, towards whom? Is it the government, multi nationals or the individuals?

    Is it the government? Federal government gives each state in the Niger Delta 13% derivative outside the normal federal allocation for the development of their states and yet we see nothing.

    Is it the multinationals? In exchange of the oil beneath these lands are social and cooperate responsibilities to the community. It is clean up of these land and waters. It is elevating the livelihood. But do they live to this mutual arrangement of they cut corners?

    Is it the individuals? Who get tired of empty promise and resort to self help so they government/ multinationals pay them certain fee and they forget the struggle or the politicians actually contracted to do under take the development of their own community do a half hazard job and empower themselves with the remaining.

    This article is for reflection because the topic cannot be exhausted.



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