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    Have you ever been out of your home, and suddenly you stomach starts disturbing you badly. How do you feel at that time. Have you been so much pressed as in to urinate and you can not see where to ease yourself. Men this condition makes one feel that he is in hell already on earth. But assuming there is already a place you can run into and ease you, wouldn’t it be very nice. That is why I deem it very important to write on this topic – These facilities are needed. Not only needed but should be scattered all over the place.

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    I think they quite exists in markets especially but the problem is how clean they are.

    Since it’s for everybody, the tendencies are high it will be over used.
    But like you said if there are more to go round and also strict cleanliness rule, they should better than they already do.

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    Yes, these structures exists. But they are minimal to serve the masses

    I don’t like public toilets for once, unless I’m totally pressed and I’m far away from  home, that’s when I get to utilize it

    Those toilet lacks cleanliness, I mean since it’s for the public, who cares to maintain them?

    Now these are people that collects money from you when you wanna ease yourself

    At Kaduna, while I was waiting at the car park, I was so pressed. I needed to ease myself. So I asked around. I was shown the toilet and asked to pay 20 naira since I wanted to ease myself. That place was damn smelling. I had to hold my breath and rush easing myself

    The question is, even if these facilities are built more by the government, can it be properly maintained?

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    Public toilets are everywhere but as we all know anything “public” is  easily manhandled, you can easily get infections when using these toilets, its not making it available that is the problem is taking good care of them, the little we have are not clean enough imagine building more..? If the government can employ people to ensure its clean state then more can be built..

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    @chijann Public toilets are much in public places at least a reasonable number but the maintenance is poor…
    This is the sole reason some people don’t give it a thought when they are out.

    Like, you go use a public toilet and you at risk of contracting diseases that are deadly.

    Government should put in place measures to take care of the public toilets so to not put people’s health at risks.

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    Please let’s give some credits to Lagos. How many public toilets have we visited? I am one who finds it difficult to urinate or do the other thing in open places. I have had reasons to use public toilets at the National Theatre, Artistes’ Village, Anthony Taxi Park, Palm Grove motor park and so on. A token is charged for using the facility and I assure you, they are well cared for. If it’s free, then nobody cares about it but when it’s paid for, some people are charged with caring for it.

    All the same, I carried a disinfectant, a small one, in my bad when I travelled. I do not encourage holding the demand to urinate especially if you are a man. Having a small vial of disinfectant in our bag -good that many of us carry these monkey bags- is not a burden. ometimes you have no choice but to use the public toilets. It won’t be nice to hear it said about one that ‘agbalagba kan yagbe tabi to sara’ i.e. an adult soiled or ‘weeweed’ on himself.

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    When nature “seriously” calls, one could virtually throw caution to the wind and find the nearest way of relieving oneself. I’ve been such in situation in a bus held up in traffic coming Lagos Island and going towards Orile. I was still trying to endure and was hoping for the traffic to clear. Once we got to the bus stop, I was even surprised at the speed at which I ran out of the bus and abandoned my friend. I guess, I was even more surprised that unknown to me, nature had installed a Toilet-GPS inside me… I located a toilet in the midst of that crowded place and honed in on the toilet somewhere in the marketplace is still a mystery.

    At that point, you don’t really negotiate the level of hygiene, perhaps afterwards, once relieved and you’ve regained full consciousness, one may hold up his/her nose. 🙂

    Reminds of a guy that brought out his tool in the middle of a street in London and just pee’d away with a deep sigh of relieve…..honestly, I was shocked back then because of the environment…..but when you’re super-pressed, less grammar more action takes place, sadly.

    Some public places like the courts and the local airport have and there’s a charge to the use of the former’s facilities. They are usually clean though.

    I will advise that if you’re in a saner part of town, and the nature call kicks, try and locate an eatery and ask to use their toilet, some will actually demand you buy something, since it’s for their customers’ use – fair game. If you’re in places like London, McDonalds is the defacto public toilet, they provide a service to the public, whether they know it or not.

    Unfortunately, there are not enough public toilets but I’m not sure if the returns will stimulate an investor to go into installing public toilets especially if they don’t get support or incentive from government but have to pay every kind of fee and charges to government prior to launching.

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