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    Last week Thursday seemed the bloodiest in the month of June as the gas tanker explosion on a Lagos bridge rocked the entire Nation.

    So, many lives were lost and just nine bodies were recovered because the rest were burnt beyond recognition. Imagine over hundred vehicles razed and they all definitely had a driver and passenger(s).

    This incident got everyone talking especially about some viral audio of a random pastor who predicted disasters with named dates of which that Thursday was one of.

    These predictions got me asking so many questions especially about religion that may seem offensive but worth asking.

    God may not have caused that but he allowed it, why?

    If it was our sins then what say us to those innocent children who were victims too?

    How will God that so love us pick out specific dates to cause/allow mass murder including innocents?

    If it was really God that revealed those dates, why can’t he avert them?

    So, no matter the urgency and our appointment, we should not even leave our house on those dates due to fear of accidents?

    All these and many more made me further criticise these so-called men of God that outrightly preach fear into the heart of members and paint God a monster so that they can extort money from the terrified and claim to appease “God the monster.”

    That accident could have been an evil plot but we as a nation, every single individual, our negligence to safety precautions have always been bring us misfortunes of different magnitude and PRAYING FOR NIGERIA as many (including the president) have suggested will do absolutely nothing if we refuse to change from such negligence.

    After all, we have been praying even before birth for this Nation yet it seem we have been depreciating instead.

    Other Nations are not using prayers to get developed or advert looming disasters, infact these developed Nations are not even big on religion as Nigeria so why do we still think prayer is the solution when even our Holy books condemned faith without work.

    The numerous unanswered prayers are making it seem like God doesn’t exist meanwhile he just can’t answer us out of the blue without us putting in work.

    I stopped praying for Nigeria many years ago because it keeps reducing my faith in God which is not God’s fault but the entire Nation’s.

    I sincerely hope we all stop masking our laziness under the umbrella of prayer or religion and get ourselves up to be that change we want to see.

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    For that audio of the pastor, I suspect he made that immediately after that incident just to score cheap points. And besides, not all prophecies are truly from the Most High God. And if truly it’s from God, God often reveal things to us so we can pray for or against their fulfillment. It’s God revealing the plans of the devil and honestly we don’t know how much He has saved us from so far.

    Also, these disasters are not the will or doing of God. It is as a result of the negligence and carelessness of man. God has given us the brain to do what’s right, but we still expect Him to do everything for us. Just one man’s carelessness or selfishness caused so many others their lives. If we can individually be conscious of our actions and inactions knowing fully well it affects others as well, we’ll have a better world.

    We’ve always been praying for Nigeria. While Nigeria still need more prayers, we need to work more, especially on our mindset and behavior and also demand better from our government. We can’t expect God to do for us what He has given us the brain to do.

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    @samson There is nothing prayers can not do
    We don’t have to loose hope just because we have been praying and nothing seems to be changing
    We have to pray ceaselessly as the holy book told us believing that one day God will answer us as a country.

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    Does it mean that those developed countries are more prayerful than us?

    It couldn’t have been ceaseless prayer that helped Obama catch Osama now could it?

    Even the Republic of Benin now has more electricity than us and they aren’t half as prayerful.

    What is wrong with us is not an issue of prayer but an issue of using prayer as a synonym for laziness.

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    @samson it’s really saddening.

    That Thursday wasn’t the bloodiest in June, as the mass man slaughter in Berom in Plateau state occurred before the tanker explosion in Lagos/Ibadan expressway way.

    It is pathetic as dates now compete for whichis the bloodiest in Our dear Nation.

    It is even worse that the causes of these disasters is as a result of Our own Undoings…

    Incidence that can/could be avoided if the proper measures were put in place.

    I don’t really blame the So-called  Prophets who come up with different prophecies of doom.

    Since there are those who would rather spend their 24hrs daily listening to then rather than doing what’s suppose to be done to avoid future occurence of such.

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