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    Am i the only one noticing that points hardly get awarded easily lately???

    Is it that our reviewers are also tired???  Or we’re the ones tired and as such less interesting???

    Even the email notification hasn’t been forthcoming,  is it also tired???

    Who are the tired ones,  reviewers or participants???

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    Good point, @senroso.

    Stay tuned… changes are coming to the point award system soon.

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    I may have to point out that reviewers may be a bit worried about awarding points to others since reviewers are also competitors and may think that awarding points to others may give the other and edge over them. So maybe no competitor should be a reviewer in the future. Just thinking..

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    As a suggestion per say,  in future competitions , reviewers shouldn’t be participants, for the sake of fairness, but of course who wouldn’t want to win 200k???

    So it should be made optional,  be a reviewer or a participant

    The question most would ask,  what about the reviewers??  What is their reward??

    Perhaps a stipend,  flat rate should be allocated depends on how the admin sees it fit

    Bt law,  one cannot be a judge of his own case

    How efficient and fair would I be to others if I can give myself points. No<i> </i>offense to the present system

    Others may feel guilty or shy award themselves points as the competition edges further,  when marks are hard to come by,  is that fair on them also?

    Separate the two,  and the system would work more efficient,  since my work is just to review and award points but if am to review also post,  it’s added work which over time could stressed me out thereby limiting both my review work and also been active in the competition

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