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    Femi Onileagbon

    Something took me back to my days in the university and reminded me of Pastor Balogun, the man who taught took some courses I borrowed in the Philosophy department. One of such courses was “Argument and Evidence.”

    The first thing he told us was to assume that there was no God and forget that he was a pastor.The result? By the end of course, I had greater reasons to believe in the existence of God. I wish many pastors and there followers, along with the throng that go verbally violent and scream ‘touch not an anointed’ could see the good this man did by his approach.

    The presence of queries does not mean the absence of belief. Seeking the truth does not mean a lack of faith. If Pastor Balogun could say ‘touch the one who anoints (God) and the one anointed (him) and preside over a class of critical thinkers yet remain devoted to his God and the Bible, I believe the anointed men of God should be happy to allow a scrutiny of their lifestyle and teachings.

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    @Onileagbon, Nice post. I learned something out of it, you shouldn’t allow your beliefs or religion cloud your thoughts. The truth remains the truth regardless of your beliefs, because the truth has nothing to do with your belief.

    You need to be rational, relative in thoughts and scrutinize whatever comes your way irrespective of your belief.

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    Femi Onileagbon

    “You need to be rational, relative in thoughts and scrutinize whatever comes your way irrespective of your belief.” Great words these, Aezolase!

    We will get there.

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    but funny how most pastors and religious dogs are quick to tag one an Antichrist for questioning beliefs especially the ones they, the pastors have no answer(s) to.

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    Humility is a price.. you can’t pay it without having it.. The men of God who where “called” are really doing the work of the Master while those who got “missed calls” are dancing around to fame and vanity.

    The congregation is evenly playing around with their spiritual life.

    You can’t afford to pay what you don’t have, and cannot afford to comfort another in your uncomfortable zone.

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