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    One day, this young boy, Bryan, barely 5years old asked his aunty who happened to be my girlfriend whether it was good to kiss a girl.

    Overwhelmed at how clever Bryan was becoming she called and asked me for a reply of which two thoughts came into my head.

    First was to bully Bryan into thinking it was an abomination to ask such question and second was to make a perfect eye contact with Bryan while looking very friendly and tell him it will only be good if he reaches certain age.

    We picked the second option because the first would only push Bryan to the wall of curiosity which with push him to learn from other unhealthy ways.

    He smiled after being told and said Okay but that incidence prompted the question I started this write-up with…WHEN IS THE APPROPRIATE AGE TO SEXUALLY EDUCATE YOUR CHILD(REN)?

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    @samson As for me, the right age to sexually educate them is when they reach 18years of age.
    At 18years, they are adults
    My thoughts though

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    I do believe it’s right at a tender age or what’d be the essence as they do say

    “prevention is better than cure”

    at an age of innocent curiosity and when you find out your kid is growing smart
    these may vary in most kids
    some at puberty and some before puberty

    age range to start this awareness lessons show be within age 4/5,8/9
    it’s never too early
    just do know how to go about it and your child’s limits.

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    18 for is too old, because at that age the child would have already had some sexual experiences (not necessarily intercourse) and have formed what sex/sexual education is for themselves. Some of them would have already made wrong choices especially in this present century where sex sells. At the early age of twelve, most children’s sexual activeness manifest. They notice a certain body reaction when they see something sexual like kissing, romance of all sorts. They know definitely that it has to do with sex. If they aren’t properly educated before about what sex is they would find out for themselves following their own urges which is risky business; some get infections, diseases, early pregnancy, etc. So to avoid all this, parents should start as early as possible. Age 5 is a good number.

    Parents could also get to notice each child’s growth, attitude towards sexual encounters, and use that to determine when it is right to start educating the child this is cause all children don’t grow at the same rate.

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    Sexually educating a child comes in stages. You won’t just sit that child down one day and tell him/her all there is to know about sex.

    For starts, at age 4, they should be told the name of their private parts for what it is and told to report if anyone touches them there.

    Then, gradually approaching teenage-hood, they should be educated about refraining from kisses and attachments to the opposite sex. Then by 14, they should have been sexually educated properly. And taught to abstain and refrain from ungodly relationships. 18 is too old o. Some kids of 16years these days even know more than we adults know, especially with phones and social media.

    In all, we should make ours kids very free to ask us anything and we should draw them close to us so we can notice any change. The world we live in is getting more corrupt by the day, best to guard and guide your children fully and early enough.

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    @samson when it comes to age and when it is right to do certain things with children…
    I don’t think there are actual/stipulated age(s) to do things like that as children are open to exposure at different ages.
    A child who’s not really sexually exposed at a certain age who’s being talked to about Sex virtually on a daily will cause more harm than good.
    As at times it may arouse unnecessary curiosity in that child.
    There are some children who shoe interests in sexual activities at a very tender age…
    For such Children I think it will just be right to start telling and teaching them sex education at a very tender age…Some 16years old know more than some 30years old.

    So it depends on the exposure and activities that are exposed to that child.
    There’s no particular age.
    It varies.

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    There shouldn’t be a specific age for sex education and I also think its time of introduction depends on the family setting and sexual orientation of the parents.

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