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    This is a very good pomade. It is locally made from Palm kennel nuts. The nuts you get when you remove the shell of the palm oil nuts.
    After cracking and you have the nuts, just pack the nut in a big pot and put on fire. Heat and heat until the oil starts coming out of the nuts. When the palm nuts burns to dryness and no more oil is coming out, you are done. JUST THAT SIMPLE – your pomade is ready. This can be rubbed as cream, used to cure cough by drinking it.

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    I personally don’t allow palm kennel pomade finish in the house..
    It has countless uses.

    If you have kids around you,the pomade helps a lot.

    Anytime you notice a child is running temperature even adults always rub palm kennel pomade all over their body and drink a little, it works like magic.

    Though some persons complain of the smell, you can always apply your perfume on your clothes after use.

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    Dalai lama once said “we have the solution to almost everything only if we can see” we despise natural things thinking they are for men of old, a lot of natural products although might not be pleasant to use but are very healthy and if we make use of would go a long way in improving our health..

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    The oil contains vitamins, which makes it a good moisturizer

    I happened to work on something similar during my project work. Mine was on Shea butter oil which I extracted from the shea nuts. I can tell you that also is very effective oil needed for healthy skin and body

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