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    You may say I am a dreamer,
    but I am not the only one
    I hope some day, you will join us
    and the world will live as one”

    Do you remember these beautiful lyrics

    “Imagine all the people sharing all the world”

    Let us all join that dream.
    I know that your neighbors may be still angry people,
    perhaps envious of you or over-greedy.

    The world is extremely far from the “dream”
    The idea of unity and universal sharing has been around for >3000 years.
    I guess we had to achieve a certain level of technology to provide enough,
    enough for the whole world population.

    I think now is the time,
    that we do have enough if we do away with greed
    I think now is the time,
    the idea of sharing among everyone is taking roots
    I think now is the time,
    the tree of kindness is ready to shoot out of the ground
    and grow into a huge forest in which the world can get lost
    I think now is the time,
    the solidarity among people is ready to blossom.
    I think now is the time,
    that the ugly face of greed is showing
    its disgusting face in so many governments
    I think now is the time for wisdom
    to gain track
    I think now is the time.

    All we need is enough people to join the dream!

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    Nice write up bro, but I feel making efforts toward the dream will be far more better than joining the dream. If like minded people could stop dreaming for too long and make move towards this beautiful dream, we shall go places. Thank you so much

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    Nice one @ikenna, that’s a lovely input

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    This dream is what everyone is clamouring for. This dream will go a long way to healing the wounds.
    If the world can come together as one to be. Live will be meaningful.

    Let agape love lead us!

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    Many worlds have been built on the dream of others. It is not everyone that will be able to work personally on their dreams and carry it to reality. Maybe, just maybe, that might be one thing we need to come to terms with in order to turn life and our country around.

    Let me use music to illustrate. The greatest musicians have had songwriters and music composers write songs or create symphonies for them. This allows them to stay long in the industry, releasing hits after hits. Some are able to write their own songs while others have all their songs written for them. The greatest singers and musicians, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Kenny G, Aron Neville, Yanni, Michael Bolton, Whitney Houston, Madonna, and many others have had their songs written. In Nigeria, I’m not sure that is the case. Is that not why we lost such talents as Terracotta, Blacky, Alex Zzito and so on? When their own reservoir of song dried up, they went into oblivion.

    Applied to dreams, if one person dreams up a beneficial concept or idea, will it not be nice if he can give it to others who can give life to it fully confident that his interests will be protected? Sadly, greed and self interest have made this impossible.

    The full chorus from which the thread is drawn goes:

    You may say I;m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope some day you will join us
    And the world will be as one

    In the body of the song is this line I can’t forget :

    Imagine all good people living as one.

    What dream can be greater than that? And what invitation can be greater than that? In the invitation is embedded all the work one needs to actualise the dream.

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    My rule – Wake up from your dream and achieve it. Dream with your eyes wide open. Accomplish more with more – Find more people to go along with your dreams (what some people refer to as vision). If you are determined and unwavering and follow some other principles in succeeding, then one can achieve what is set out in that vision.

    Daydreamers don’t achieve. People who give in and listen to the negative voice saying, I can’t go on, will not achieve that dream. The bible informs that the Race is not to the swift nor the the battle to the strong……but by being in the right place at the right time. A determined person fixated on seeing his dream come to pass will be driven on even when all seem impossible. Just as I feel exhausted typing this post but I’m persuaded by resolution to win.

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    Yes when many people join the dream it can be actualized.
    You first of all dream and you imagine then you put into practice.

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