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    criticism of government has always been a saga in Nigeria especially amidst the recent avoidable disasters in the North.

    All these and many more keep emanating criticisms both constructive and insultive all of which triggered a man on my Facebook friend list to make this statement that really hit me hard.

    “They were once like us,” he said.

    All of these leaders we now have in our sectors acting so incompetent were one time talking tough about how they would do better and bring the desired change just like us.

    The real question now becomes, what happened to them?

    They began to underrate the significance of their impacts.

    What can I possibly do from this small office that will change the country overnight?

    Eventually, they succumbed to the pressure of pessimism that their small contributions won’t matter so why bother?

    They disregard the concept of a little drop of water…

    Initiating a positive change in that smallest unit will go a long way in influencing others to similar or related act in bigger units.

    This gradual turnover won’t bring an overnight change but a foundation for one with time.

    These same leaders we heavily criticise were once like us, let’s try not to end up like them.

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    My people used to say that when everyone comes together and urinates together it will foam.
    So it is just like that. If you put a positive change in your own area of work and I change positively too in my own section, small, small, the total change that is desired will come.

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