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    I don’t know if most of us have noticed the trend now in the country
    This country is filled with so many problems. One million and one of them
    But just open your mouth and ask any body “Nnaa how far?” The response you will get is “NO WAHALA”
    What baffles me the most is that this answer/response comes even at a time the respondent is battling with so many problems
    If people are in the habit of giving this ‘No Wahala’ answer to ‘How Far’ question while they have a lot of trouble/problem/wahala heaped on their heads, how does someone know when to render a help.

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    That’s very Chijann. It’s become a default response infact an automated response. It’s just like the default or very common Nigerian response of “it is well”, when someone experiences an unpleasant news or situation.

    In some situations, people say No Wahala even when they are carrying hot coal on their head because they may be so overwhelmed with the issue that their thought and consciousness of their surrounding is foggy and blurred. In some cases, they’ve experienced too many disappointment from various quarters that they have decided to do solo cross carrying. While it may just be that they are resolutely determined to overcome by themselves.

    Whatever the situation, I think people should be concerned about that No Wahala response and if it’s someone close, listen deeply and observe the body language of the person and most importantly give an encouraging word to that person regardless of the brave mask they wear.

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    This is apt, but could “no wahala” be really causing more harm than good?

    Some people do it to sound positive or as encouraged by their religion.

    Some to be emotionally strong.

    Some say it to protect the other person of the burden which may not even concern them.

    Some say it to keep secrets.
    And so many other “good” reasons but then again,

    What if positivity is overrated?

    What if we don’t have to ALWAYS be emotionally strong?

    What if the other person deserves to know or really what’s to help?

    What if such secret will complicate issues?

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    @chijann this is hilarious, really…

    Like we all have different reactions to different situations.

    We have Pessimistic people, Optimistic people, realists, surrealists, etc.


    A person who is going through a lot and who decides to tell you “No wahala” when they are been asked “How far” should not be judged really.

    I’m like that.

    OK, sometime ago I was really broke.. When people asked “Mary how far? ”

    I tried to leave my shell and open up

    I asked some persons to borrow, but all that was asking me How far turned me down.

    Whether they have or not,  I wouldn’t know.

    I tried to raise the money and continued My lifestyle of saying  “I’m fine” whether am going through stuffs or not.

    Different people and different ways of life.

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