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    Give me love, I ask;
    Then become suddenly aware that love sits right in my heart

    Give me beauty, I ask;
    Then become suddenly aware that beauty’s the painter of the skies

    Give me truth, I ask;
    Then become suddenly aware that my soul is the source of truth

    Love, beauty and truth,
    we long so often for them but actually they are never far away!

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    They are never bro, but this three things aren’t something you just sit and wait to be given, we try to make effort to search for them most especially love and truth. Nice write up by the way

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    A song asks, ‘now that we’ve found love what are wee gonna do with it?’ I really believe that the three hardly walk together. Love can’t stand absolute truth, not in this clime of ours and beauty can’t deal with the truth that love is automatic.

    In my view then, find love first, decide what you want to do with it and use truth as a beacon for getting it home keeping in mind that not everyone can deal with the truth.

    The problem that got ‘mirror mirror on the wall’ was that it dared to tell beauty the truth of a far greater beauty. Even Abraham had to smother love to to deny that Sarah was his wife and Sarah had to play along just so Abraham’s life could be spared. The point is nothing is absolute and the possession of one, two or three of the concepts does not guarantee a perfect life.

    I suggest then that we add a fourth companion to the pilgrims and that is ‘reality.’

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    You are certainly right @femi, love and truth comes in handy, they never work apart. It is the reality of life. Life is really beautiful!

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