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    No matter how things get or how confused I get, there will always be that strong conviction in me that there is one superior power somewhere that I choose to call God.

    This issue always get loud whenever I meet an atheist or wannabe. They are just so sure that God doesn’t exist until I ask them how creation came to being.

    I first read it in one of the JW magazines that saying things just fell into places, Big Bang Theory is just like saying that a house in a forest was built by no one rather as a result of every single wood fall into the right place at the right time until a house was formed out of nothing.

    Very unreasonable.

    Whenever I put this illustration to them, we end up believing in something which they still refuse to call God but whatever name they choose to call The Creator, as long as they believe.

    What are your experiences with atheist too?

    Let’s share and educate ourselves.

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