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    Femi Onileagbon
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    In the 2016 local government elections in Ogun state, someone close to me contested on the platform of a party that decided not to buy votes. He lost and his party only managed to win two Councillor seats. As 2019 approaches, he has been approached to work for a major party known for ‘stomach infrastructure’ towards the governorship elections with the promise of an automatic shot at a Councillor seat (by all means possible) in the next local government elections.

    I have told him not to follow that train and his wife, who is my friend, has started hissing each time I stop over at his shop. Should I have kept my mouth shut?

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    Ofcourse not!
    You did nothing wrong in telling him the truth but you would be doing something wrong in forcing him to abide by it with the (if I may guess) “regular” visits.
    You’ve planted the seed and watered it enough, allow it grow and if peradventure it dies…the guilt off your conscience.

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    The truth has always been bitter..

    Your opinion to him is good but can be misunderstood by the wife and anyone.
    Do not mind,You did the right thing by advising him.
    Don’t relent on the happenings. Move on and ignore what it’s looking like.

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    @femi-onileagbon, you did the right thing but unfortunately, the right thing by certain people influenced by the new normal, is not pleasant. The wife definitely wants her own slice or crumbs of the National or State Cake.

    I wish more people tell other the truth rather than mask it up. I wish more religious institutions tell their followers the cold truth about behaving themselves. Unfortunately, I think some of them contribute to the attitude among many people to be avaricious with the messages they pump into the minds of their followers.

    What’s more interesting is to know if you can proffer a solution to wins seats from those who use “stomach infrastructure” to win?

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    @Femi Onileagbon In Nigeria most persons are into money politics
    So I am not all that surprised to hear how the wife started to behave towards you after you advised the husband
    Never mind, the hissing of the woman should not deter you from giving good advice and push you into keeping your mouth shut in conditions where you should speak out.

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    Money and Politics –  2 things that go hand-in-hand in the present day Nigeria. It’s good you voiced out your opinion.

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    Well, @Femi. You were putting sandsand in her garri na. In Nigerian politics, nobody cares how the deed is done. All that matters is that they win. In fact, the amoral way has become so rampant and accepted that if you try to stand your ground on the right thing people see you as a mugu – as if you are the one that something is wrong with.

    He lost before because he refused to join others in rigging the election. I’m sure those who adviced him previously to rig it are now mounting pressure on him, that the only way to win in Nigeria is to rig. She is definitely one of them. You, with your advice is trying to spoil the show; of course she is reacting to you that way to show her irritation. Lol

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