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    There’s a line in an old song by Louise Mandrell that goes, “Some girls have all the fun, some girls have all the pain, some girls do nothing but complain…..”

    With that, I think of some beautiful and good-natured ladies who want to but are not married and some who are just obnoxious and you just give them their space because when they start to manifest you know that the unemployed demons will find work that moment.

    Then you take a glance at their wedding ring finger and are shocked that there’s some metal on it and remembering all those nice ladies desiring marriage, you just got to wonder, how did this one get married?

    I know one person’s salad is another person’s poison ivy and beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but why is it so?

    PSSome overzealous female security officer prompted this post, as she keeps trying to intimidate me and has got her colleague to try and disturb peaceful and quiet me. Is it a crime to be at MMA2 airport with a laptop? Bi Courtney please put a rein on these excesses. Thank you.

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    Talking about “Wahala” all ladies have wahala o..
    Some just know how to comport themselves and curtail it while others don’t

    Wahala can be referred to “Pettiness” Ladies can be naturally petty…

    At times it spices up the relationship too.

    As for ladies who are matured and desiring marriage, i think there’s time for everybody and some that you feel are rude in a way and have wahala may not even be like that before marriage o…
    In all just be with someone that you will enjoy their wahala.

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    Sometimes when I look are the girls in my college misbehave, I just shake my head and wonder “this lady’s would get married some day” thats why sometimes its advicable for anyone getting married  to date for a longer period of time you can hide your true self but not for long, date till you are very sure of who you want to spend the rest of your life with..

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    Just like @mayjovey said, everybody get wahala… even the men. It stems from the fact that we ain’t perfect, nobody is.
    Its up to us to now decide which wahala we can/cannot cope with and who has them or not.

    Choosing a life partner is picking one whose wahala you can tolerate because its a lesser big deal to you.
    But finding one without any atom of wahala…impossible!
    Its either you’re fantasizing or she is pretending.

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    Some ‘wahala’ girls are line of defense for their spouses o. They may be as troublesome as a house rat but when it comes to their spouses and homes, they are ‘The New Avengers.’

    Girls who have ‘wahala’ but are married and stay married have studied their men and come to know when to bring their ‘wahala’ or keep it in the cooler. They also know the kind of ‘wahala’ they bring into the house. No man wants a wahala girl just as no woman will want a wahala man unless they are birds of a feather. Eventually something gives.

    Is it possible to find someone without ‘wahala’? Yes! I have seen a myriad of couples who live interesting lives devoid of wahala. I am assuming that the ‘wahala’ we are talking about is the one that makes you want to tear out someone’s ears, no?

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      Yes….in fact, not just tear the ears but abandon the house for them. Ladies that dish wahala should take note. I have experienced it in my neighbourhood. There’s wahala and there’s dangerous wahala.

      This woman in my neighbourhood was our unofficial alarm clock, waking everyone up by 4am, railing curses and abuses on the husband for months.

      One day the guy, comes home and tells the woman, he’s rented another place and will be leaving at the end of the month. She can stay on till the rent expires in 2 months but she shouldn’t come to his new place (which she didn’t know at the time). She was shocked but feigned remorse in front of the guy. I had my doubts that she was repentant because of some her dangerous phone calls which I unintentionally overheard (she was loud on the phone).

      Guys too have to be careful who they are getting involved with because this lady was frequently on the phone strategizing how she’s gotten some “baba” to ruin the husband’s life spiritually. 🙁

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    To some extent, I like wahala girls

    If you look at it critically, it’s not wahala per say, but another way of Playing, some girls are just that way

    But the wahala depends sha. Some could get annoying and would deserve sanctioning

    Whichever one it is, there’s certainly a solution to it.

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      Personally, I don’t think anyone should wind their spouse or anybody else especially if you know that person’s nature is unable to handle the taunting. However, the context in which wahala is used is more about argumentative, and fault finding women, who won’t give the guy a breathing space. If you’ve met some of these girls, you’d be praying and fasting for God to deliver you from them.

      Strange thing is, if the tables are turned, some of these wahala girls won’t be able to stand the taunting and trouble they douse out to their spouses and fiances.

      Just find someone you are compatible with and have  a longer and happier life, is my suggestion.

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