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    So, sometime last week, I stumbled upon a post on Facebook where the Writer opined that Marriage and Children are responsibilities and she doesn’t see it as a blessing…

    Of course, different opinions collided in the comment section…

    My opinion was 👇

    “With the right Person in Marriage, blessings triple…

    With the right person that you both will have and raise good children…
    Blessings triple…

    Blessings are Peace of mind, Happiness, Fulfilment and Contentment…
    👆 everything and more.

    The responsibilities become a Walk in the Park…

    As a youth, been striving, hustling and all…
    Getting married and raising kids that will bring Peace of mind is everything…

    For some, Marriage is Bliss and the blessings that comes with it are innumerable”

    Dear Filtered thoughts  thinkers…

    What’s your take

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    Yay or Nay is the answer to me

    Yay in a situation where you are married to Mr or Mrs Right

    Nay in situations where you find yourself married to Mr or Mrs Wrong

    In situations where a person is married to Mrs or Mr Right, everything seems to be sweet

    Even in times of predicaments no one seems to put pressure on the other may be by ‘blames’ or pointing accusing fingers

    But in the case of Mr or Mrs Wrong, life is always hell on earth

    Everything goes wrong none of the partners feel happy. Under this condition, how do you expect any blessing

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    The answer is ‘Yay’ and ‘Nay’
    Marriage is a blessing when you marry someone chosen for you by God and never a blessing when you marry a wrong person
    With a right person, it is always a blessing no matter the condition but with the wrong person in marriage the reverse is the case

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    First of all, responsibility is the spice of life. Once people start mistaken responsibilities for punishments then there is a big problem.

    Marriage births responsibilities and unless we were never prepared to accept them then it would be an excuse for discrediting the precious institution.

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