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    Volani E
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    Do you remember the last time you spoke to your mother? If you do, when was that? Do you remember the last time you expressed how much you love her? If so, when?
    I am not certain if it was only me but we tend to have this habit of shying away from expressing how important our mother is to us, maybe because we feel they already know or probably they are too busy to hear us say the three words to them.
    I must admit that I am not used to expressing how much I love my parents. I seldom say the most used three words: I Love You. It is not because I am shy about telling it but I have this weird attitude about if I don’t feel like saying it, you can never make me say it.
    All this was going on normally until I discovered how sick n drenched my mum has been. At first we taught it was work stress and stuffs, not until the doctor made it known that it was as a result of loneliness, over thinking and boredom.
    We were like what? our mum bored? how?
    My dad is late and before that they were so close to each other.
    However, to cut the long story short, we decided to be all around our mum as frequent as possible; you know like going the market together, going to movies, doing what she loves best and of course reminding her ones in a while how much we love her and how we are so going to still stick around and create time for her irrespective of how busy we become later on.
    Love your mum while it is day because a time cometh when you just can’t say or express those words!

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    I am really guilty of this, really really guilty, I haven’t for once tell my mother or father I Love Them, first and foremost I can say am shy to do that, It’s not even to my parents but to my sibling, I haven’t tell them once that ”I love them”. But despite all this, I still show them love.

    Reason for this act at times can be traced to the the way parents bring their child up, Image a parent who never told his child they love him/her how do you want such kid to say such? They’ll feel shy and think it’s ridiculous.

    I have really promised myself that when I have children, I’ll train them to know how to tell friends and family the three letter words ”I Love You”

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    Aptly put…

    Children grow up the way they are being brought up.

    A child who was never told by their Father/Mother how loved they are will find it difficult to express such towards them even to those they come in contact with in their everyday endeavors.

    For some,  they choose to shower their parents with Gifts and that’s all… Any which way…

    We should endeavor to make our parents feel loved…

    They are entitled to that.

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    <p style=”text-align: right;”>Mothers are  precious gift from God and they need to be appreciated . But it is obvious many has fallen victims of all these,we felt like even if I Dnt tell mama I love her,she does but Dnt you remember how lovely and the sleepless night you had because a mere boyfriend or girlfriend told you he/she loves you,that three letter word is just a word but is much appreciated if voiced out to someone you love because it can make you happy if said to you by the person you love ,why not appreciate our parents especially mothers with these words when they are still alive because it is better said than never said.</p>

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    If I’m judged by the way the writer puts it then I’ve been guilty for way too long.

    I’ve never verbally told either of them that I love them but deep down I do…always, through my actions which screams it, non verbally.

    I hope to one day say it but for now it is better she just KNOWS I love her than to just HEAR I love her.

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    It’s not entirely our fault you know. Many of us didn’t grow up with parents who made saying those words easy because they barely said it to us themselves while we were younger. Yes, they did cater for our every need and showed us all the care in the world to let us know that they love us, but the words are as powerful as the actions.If you grew up with a parent who always told you, “I love you”, you wouldn’t find it hard or embarrasing to let them know the same as you grow older too. It’s not entirely that we don’t feel it or appreciate their sacrifices of love towards us, it’s just that most of them didn’t create the atmosphere for these words to be said.

    So, parents too should learn to tell their children just how much they love them. Let them make those words look normal and neccesary so that the child would find it easy as they grow to say it to them.

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    For me I don’t even know that one can open his/her mouth and start telling his mother “I LOVE YOU”
    I thought that those words are meant for girlfriends and boyfriends or for husbands and wives
    I see the words as vulgar… and not meant for blood relations
    I am guilty too of this due to ignorance eventhough they said that ‘Ignorance to a law, is not an excuse’

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