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    Dedicated to Ugochinyereze

    As a growing boy in Awka(Anambra state capital), I met this girl firstly in 2008. Things continued with fate as life may have it that two ends may meet, never meet, or can even have an end to both. I continued with my life until a later in 2012 we exchanged contacts.
    We do chat but not always, at a time we started chatting like friends, but we where not. Although we where living in the same Estate.
    It went continuously until 2013 arrived with a new year, that most school students who graduated in 2012 may now have gotten admission to higher institution, or facing other things.

    It was 10th July 2013 that I was chatting with her on social media, she pleaded me to accompany her to there school 10th year Anniversary at Nnewi(in the same state) I agreed, we went together and along the accompaniment, I teased her spontaneously, I made her feel lively, I sheared many thought with her in the sense to make her day feel lively, until we came back to Awka.
    She sent me a text message: thanking me about making her day.. I also thanked her in return, seeing it as nothing.

    The upper week, a friend of mine “Ouch man” visited my place, the next morning I was about going to juggling, when she called me on phone, told me she wants to join me. I didn’t hesitate to accept her plea. we went together, after the juggling she went her way, but left me with many thoughts of what do I do about the closeness, to me it seemed right to let her know my feelings and mind towards her. I didn’t think of it for the second time. shye accepted my advances. We were riding.

    We went on together, on many things accompanying her back to school, market, programs, assignments, researches, helps.. We where so much in love. We two sheared almost everything together. Frankly speaking her father was the problem we had, although I sorted it out with her, and at a stage we where more than lovers that without seeing each other, none can bear it.
    She went on her school experiences, which i made sure i visited her, gave her lots of comforting and helpful gifts, that will make her face her studies, We sheared secrets together. At times we went out for recreation, eateries, bars, restrons..
    She sheared thought that show human sympathy and I felt like the king I am. I made sure she is comfortable, despite that her parent had the money/wealth, I didn’t asked her for money, not for once. To mention but a few.

    One day, at school she lost her phone to bandits, having my contact off hand made it easier for her to call me, with her roommates contact. I calmed her down. later on I bought a new phone for her. We once more communicated end to end.
    A day came that I visited her in school, called her but the line was switched off, I called her roommate with the earlier contact established when she recently lost her own contact. Blatantly she told me that she went back home. Her roommate even went on to ask some of there schoolmates, before me on the basis of her whereabouts before me. They all confessed that she went home, so I told her roommate that I wasn’t coming from Awka. Although I came from Awka. I afterward went back to Awka that same evening. Unfortunately in two weeks time she wasn’t back home at Awka and neither communicated her parents or i, continuously i communicated with her roommate, and she continued telling me that she had gone home and not yet back.
    My oh! My, to my greatest surprise I overheard the Dad and Mum making calls to the school principal that the daughter have been missing for two weeks without coming home. It went on and on until she came back, claiming that she was at the maternal place for prayers at(witheld)ministry. It went apart but things continued happening. Almost everything changed, that she cant even call me, or even chat me for any reason, it was disturbing to me that it became a matter of the heart. Gradually it changed my mood, my emotions was bad that my good friend “Nonso” told me to forget about her, he went further telling me reason upon reasons.
    I didn’t accepted what he said and never gave up, I kept on trying my best to see if I can regenerate the ‘spark’, but to no avail. I was a kind of saying within me ;what am i really doing? When I have a host of ladies who make advances to me, but I reject them all.
    I geared up myself from my slumber, faced the reality before me. Her roommate continued chatting me and I was like giving the friend an arms length space in other not to implicate her in any matter at all.. Things continued to go on very bad.

    It was her birthday, I made things work out, with my friend ‘Nonso’, We celebrated her despite all odds. After the birthday, that week was like a new beginning but after two weeks later, things came back as usual. I made the final decision never to do anything with her. All these went through the year 2013 July to 2014 July.
    It was December, they never travelled back home as usual for Christmas celebration. On 31st I called her to my place, we two where all alone, and I told her to forgive me if I have erred her, although I know that I have not. She agreed, but she herself told me that the love is no more there, eventhough she had no reason for that, (even when I pestered her to tell me)
    I washed her chapter away in the midnight fire for new year, moved on with my life, she’s now asking me to help her get this, that for her school, experiences and many more,I never did them again after all she has men who are capable and can do such things for her,
    I am alive looking at her: because we stay in the same Estate. Her roommate visited her, she couldn’t accompany her girlfriend to my place.
    I discussed with her school roommate, for heaven sake; she is the marriageable type, before she went, I gave her a gift for remembrance, with heart full of joy she thanked me and went her way.

    Afterward a week passed, On Wednesday 9/9/15 at night around some minutes past 9pm, My Dad went out and was late, with my maternal uncle who visited from Lagos Nigeria. I went to pass the message across to the gatemen.
    Lo! behold My love with her new boyfriend kissing inside the guy’s jeep, I stood behind the gate unseen with the gatemen watching everything.

    What pains me most is that she left me without a single reason to sense voiceless voice, maybe; because I don’t have a car now, a good job.

    I still remember her promises freshly. Is this love or what I don’t know. I have come to a reasoning that some ladies are full of heartbreak, especially the new Millennium-21st Century.
    Daily do I wonder the fate of the unborn, and the nature it will take.

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    love has thought me the good, the bad and the Terrible parts.
    I have chosen to be a better man apart from being Angel of Chivalry.
    Love is extinct, replaced with materials inform of fame.
    Regardless of natural love being replaced by “vaccum”
    True love without attachments. So hard to find

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    Beautifully written. I’m sorry for your pain but don’t be hasty to condemn everyone within a group simply because you’ve had a bad experience with one of their members. I’m sure there are decent well behaved “millenials” out there who would value your type of personality.

    Although, it’s a painful experience and if it’s your first then usually the deepest but you should come out of it more enlightened and aware.

    The NLT Bible in 1 Corinthians 13 v 4 – 7, helps identify the characteristics of Love:

    4 Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud 5 or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. 6 It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. 7 Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

    Don’t become a victim of circumstances by throwing the baby with the bathwater – Love is not extinct, some just never knew what it meant but fortunately you do.

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    @iyke I took time to read your thread line by line. The story is touching.
    Since the lady did not come out to say that you offended her in any way, my brother, your hands are clean.
    Forget everything and move on with your life. I know it will not be so easy considering how close you were with the lady but you have to try. With time, you will get over it
    The truth of the whole matter is that the lady in question is not meant for you, so move on with your life until you meet your own rightful lady
    Remember the saying that-‘EVERY DISAPPOINTMENT IS A BLESSING’

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