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    As a person before i take you serious i first take how you look and how you smell seriously.

    I tell you,looking is very affordable…
    Below are tips on how to take care of yourself and what you wear..

    1. Ensure you take your bath regularly at least twice a day gently scrubbing all the delicate parts of your body, your armpits, neck,feet etc

    2.Your toiletries should always be on standby

    3.Wash your clothes well.
    Don’t wear a cloth twice before washing

    4.Ensure your hair is always neat.

    5.When out, always ensure you check yourself on a regular to check for dusts and stains.

    6.Never forget to wear your smiles.

    Looking good is a good business.

    You can add yours.

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    Yes “a smile”  its said that, a smile is the best make up a lady can put on, another very important thing is your coordination, the way you coordinate yourself matters a lot, someone might be in admiration of your looks, but when your poor coordination is noticed,the person would quickly loose interest. Have a good level of self-esteem to go with your dressing…

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    – Brush your teeth and use a good mint if odour persist.

    – Carry a presentable hairdo.

    – Wear a perfume.

    – Iron your corperates…pant trousers and shirts.

    – Good footwear.

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    Don’t put on a perfume that has a bad smell. Clean your ear with a cotton bud. You should not allow the hairs in your nose to over grow and become bushy. When they do and become bushy, they tend to spring out from your nostrils and look dirty. Always trim them. Don’t allow heat to be soaking your armpits.

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    -Dirty nails is a no no.
    -Wear cleans socks and trousers that cover them.
    -Carry a bag that blends with your dressing. It can be a little disconcerting to see a man in suit carrying a rucksack or backpack. You can invest in a good office bag.
    -Walk tall even if you are short. No gain in slouching or bunching the shoulders.
    -While many don’t care, wearing a jacket that is too big or too tight isn’t okay. Wear something that is hugs your body without squeezing it. Do without a jacket if you can’t find one that fits.
    -Learn to knot a tie yourself or date/marry a woman who does. A well-knot tie adds to the view that you’re organised.

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    You could be in a top, a Jean and a pair of snickers. It mustn’t have to be in sleeves

    Always remember to shower after a hairdo

    Wash that car (if you have one), you shouldn’t be looking good and your car all dirty


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