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    The world has so many people concentrated on fancy cars and mansions forgetting or overlooking the little things of life that actually matter the most.

    I call them little not because that are insignificant but because they have been greatly underappreciated.

    The money, cars and mansions actually bring happiness but not the long lasting ones brought by moments shared and things exchanged.

    Some of these little things include;

    – Text messages.
    – Holiday visits.
    – Picnics.
    – Phone calls.
    – Well wishes.
    – Prayers.
    – Flowers.
    – Gifts and letters.
    – Surprise birthday party.
    – Bed time stories.
    – Lullaby.

    What are other little things that really matters but have been overlooked?

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    You’ve said it all my friend, nothing gives someone everlasting happiness than remembering good memories they spent with someone they loved.

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    So the simple things in life are actually gotten for free.

    I cherish people’s presence.

    You can keep your money, even calls,  messages,  gifts, ET Al.

    Spending quality time with people…

    Laughing and smiling for no reason to me,  that is every thing and more

    The little things are actually all that matters in life.

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